Random spot on DD's arm

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Random spot on DD's arm

Any ideas what this is? Didn't see it this morning, but could have been there. She was in long sleeves while on walk and playing at the park. I changed her into short sleeves before preschool and noticed this perfect red circle. Looks like dry skin almost, but it's in a perfect circle. Checked her shirt to see if there could have been something to irritate her skin and nothing....Can't see any sting marks or anything....anyone seen something like this before? I'm baffled. Sharing is "large" so you can see it.

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Possibly ring worm??? Does it itch?

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"pollo_la" wrote:

Possibly ring worm??? Does it itch?

That's what I was going to say....

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right after I posted this I started looking into ringworm....I think it may be ringworm. She says it doesn't hurt or bother her, but that's the only logical thing I can come up with. Plus it probably does at least itch, but she was at preschool this afternoon, so I didn't really see if she was bothered by it.
Tried to run up to the little pharmacy here in town and it's closed and the little grocery store doesn't have any of the lotion either. I'll have to wait and run down to the next town tomorrow morning.

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I would say ringworm... I would buy some "clotrimazole" cream, you will actually find it in the foot section for foot fungus. The medication works on both types of fungus (foot and ringworm). Apply it twice daily and once it clears (up to 2 weeks) continue for a few more days. It is somewhat contagious, so just make sure to wash her clothes in hot water and that way nobody else in the house gets it. It's a very common fungus and VERY common amongst wrestlers and anyone who uses shared mats, also can get it from cats. HTH!

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I would say ringworm too. If for some reason the fungus medication doesn't work then take her to the doctor. They can do a swab of it and test it. DS had something that looked just like ringworm on his butt when he was an infant. The doctor kept treating it as ringworm, but it never went away. We changed pediatricians because we moved and the new one swabbed it. Turned out it was never ringworm, but some form of eczema that looked like ringworm. She prescribed a steroid cream and it was gone within 24 hours and we had been dealing with it for 5 months!

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I got ringworm when I got my kitten from the pound....looked exactly like that. It was fine the first day, then started to itch soooo bad! I was on antibiotics, and I think it's contagious. Poor little girl. i hope you find out soon.

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Yep ringworm. It's actually a fungus so buy some anti fungal cream for it. DD had that when she was younger.

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If the ring worm stuff doesn't work it could be eczema, like Jennifer said. I get patches of eczema that look just like that right after I deliver baby. It freaked me out at first, I thought I picked up ringworm at the hospital haha.

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I'd lean more towards ringworm than eczema, if only because it's so red around the outside. Hope it clears up soon.

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thanks ladies. Got the stuff yesterday morning as soon as the pharamcy opened. It already looks a little better. She keeps telling me that it doesn't bother or itch. She actually gets annoyed with me when I ask to look at her arm. LOL.

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That is most likely ringworm. My son and I battled it in 2009. It seemed to have occured right after we had some bad mosquito bites... we also had a lot of barn cats though too. We went through 9 months of creams before it finally went away. You can see how bad it can spread!!!

Here was my son's infection...

This was mine on my right hip...

Don't be alarmed if it takes up to one year to go away... it can also spread like crazy. It's just super annoying!! It will heal from the inside out until you are left with just a ring/circle and then eventually the ring/circle goes away. I was really freaked at first as I thought it was Lyme Disease.

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Wow Sally! that's crazy! So far we still only have the one circle and it already looks better in the middle. Crossing my fingers and saying prayers that it doesn't spread. Mentally I can handle the one spot if it's there for a while, but I think I would drive myself crazy otherwise. Epsecially with a newborn on the way!

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Hate to say this

But I agree with everyone else. It's probably ringworm.