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I need suggestions for healthy snack options. Lately, my appetite seems to be set to one level: insanely hungry. Because of this, I eat way more than I should. Add to this the fact that my number one craving is pure unadulterated sugar and you can see why I'm struggling. Let's just say that I thought the glucose tolerance drink was pretty darn tasty. My mother had a tendency to gain tons of weight during pregnancy and I don't want to fall victim to genetics. Any snack ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm struggling with this too. I just posted about this in the Chat thread.

You have to have a menu plan each day. If not, its setting yourself up for failure. Keep cut up fruit, ready to eat in the fridge. It's sweet & better for you. If you know you need something sweet after lunch & dinner, then have fruit ready to enjoy. For me, I have to know what the meal plan is or I will continue to snack afterwards. Try to focus on what you are eating when you are eating it. For me, if I'm distracted, I will forget what I already ate & subsequently eat more.

HTH & good luck... I'm right there struggling with you.

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I just got some BellyBars to help curb my sweets cravings or you can do Luna bars as well, they are usually higher in protein which will keep you fuller longer. I would also try some greek yogurt (also high in protein) with the fruit added or some cottage cheese with fruit. (I personally not a fan of cottage cheese but a friend just had that for lunch today so I think I might give it a try if it has pineapples in it).

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fruit!!!! Natural sugar might do the job. I just ate 4 slices of watermelon for lunch.

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i agree with pp. Fruit is #1 for my sweet tooth. Or even 100% fruit juice. I drank some white grape juice yesterday and wow. I forgot how sweet that stuff is!

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I should also disclose... in light of my previous sage advice... I made chocolate chip banana bread today. I told you I'm struggling. Ugh!

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Cheesecake Factory

Well, don't feel too bad. My husband and I received a $50 gift card to Cheesecake Factory so, needless to say, I indulged. I figure that will be my last hurrah before I start fighting the cravings tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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I'm always hungry while pregnant too! I gained 70lbs with my first and 50lbs with my second, although with her the last 20 was water lol. I had only gained 30lbs by 39 weeks but then the swelling got so bad I put on 10 lbs a week until I delivered at 41w. This time I THINK I've only gained 10ish. At my last appt I was only up 1 but that was quite a while ago. I'd like to say I'm controlling myself... But in reality all I ever want to eat is fruit! So that's the majority of my diet right now lol. I figure baby wants fruit, baby's gonna get fruit :). Wow sorry that was a lot of pointless rambling! I co cur with others, snack on fruit! Its sweet and delicious!

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I agree, snack on fruit! Remember that we're all getting to the point where our lo's are gaining up to 1/2 pound a week, just make mindful choices with your food.