ready for the hurricane!

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ready for the hurricane!

I live on a small island between the forks of Long Island, luckily we live on the highest part of the island so we don't have to worry about flooding, but chances are one or both ferries will be closed. Ferry service is the only way on and off the island. So we are prepared to be stuck in our house for a few days with no power.

Dh works in tree services, so he has chainsaws ready....they are expecting 60-70 hours of work next week.

Wish us luck! I'll update as the storm comes and goes. Should arrive tonight at 5am sunday morning. Were all sleeping in the living room since the bedrooms could be damaged by trees.

I love a good storm! Let's hope our 1940 house holds up!

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I will be thinking of you... thoughts & prayers for you & your family's safety... KUP!

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Stay safe! KUP!

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Stay safe! I went through Hurricane Alicia when I was little and Hurricane Ike a few years ago. I never want to be through another hurricane again or at least not in my home. I'd rather be further in town since we are so close to where they tend to make landfall. Hopefully you're not without power for long. KUP! You have my number so if you don't have power for a while and want me to keep everybody updated, feel free to text me.

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I can't believe the craziness that's going on on the east coast! earthquakes, hurricanes... nuts! I hope you guys stay safe and warm!

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Stay safe! This storm is a bear!