Saw my gp about my stomach today...

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Saw my gp about my stomach today...

After 3 months of putting it off, I finally saw my family doctor about the stomach pain and weight loss today. He said based in the pain, tenderness of my upper belly, and bowel issues, he is assuming gall stones and is sending me for a gall bladder and kidney sono on Monday. he also wanted to check my liver enzymes and urine for crystals.

So the sono is Monday and I see him next Aug 5, but he may send everything to my ob so I can get the results on the 1st when I go.

He is concerned that if its gall stones, that based on the frequency of the pain, and what its doing to my bowels, surgery would be needed while I am pregnant. Of course we would hope to push it till after, but it all depends on what they find.

If I have any vomiting, nasua (sp?), fever, or yellowing of the skin, I am to go to the ER immediatly, as this is a sign of the bial backing up which requires surgery right away.

I am honestly still not too concerned, I dont like to worry about things before I need to, so until I am told the results, Im just going to deal with it like I have for 3 months.

On a side note, he said pregnancy can cause this. He gave me Zantec to take in the meantime.

Sorry to keep posting about it, but I figured I would update.

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Since I have a lap band, I was specifically told to watch out for gall stones since pregnancy can cause it and it is especially more common in lap band patients. Thankfully I have not had an issue. Hopefully you can hold off a couple more months until after the baby is born. KUP!

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Glad you have some answers as to what's probably causing all of this. Hope it doesn't get any worse for you, and that surgery won't be needed until after delivery.

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Ugh :/ I know what it's like to suffer from gallbladder problems. Mine stopped working (no stones, nothing.. just stopped working) and I had to have it out. I live a much less painful life now! If it's your gallbladder, I hope you can get it out post birth! KUP!

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I hope they will be able to give you some answers after your test & that whatever it is behaves well enough until after you have had your LO. KUP.

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I hope the tests give you some answers. If it is the gallstones, I hope you'll be able to make it until after the birth.

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I'm glad you are getting somewhere with this! I hope if you need surgery it is after Aisley is delivered safe and sound!