Scillia just posted this on facebook...

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Scillia just posted this on facebook...

Scilla Peterson
I went this morning to my dr cause I couldn't stand hurting anymore.What thought might be gallstones is actually me having contractions and I'm almost a whole CM dialated, my cervix is almost totally gone, she can touch Kyans head, plus I'm spotting now. I'm being admitted to the hospital tonight for monitoring to make sure it stops. I'll be fine, Keep Kyan in your thoughts though please. He's way to early.

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HUGS girlie...keep that little one baking for awhile longer...

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she has my # and will update once she knows more if she cant get online. I will keep you girls posted!

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She & Kyan have my thoughts & prayers.

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Thinking of them both!

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Oh I hope they can stop the contractions. Ill be thinking about her and Kyan.

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Thanks for letting us know. Definitely will be thinking of her and Kyan!

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Keeping her and Kyan in my thoughts and prayers!

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Oh my, at least she is in hospital. I sure hope they are both ok!

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Oh no! Bake baby bake! Scilla and Kyan are both in my thoughts and prayers.

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keeping both of them in my prayers...

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Any update?

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Oh no! I hope everything is going ok!