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What kind of shoes are you wearing?

I've been wearing just my Reef flip flops since I got pregnant. They're rated some of the best for your feet but I'm still having a good bit of foot pains and fatigue and swelling. I know that buying new shoes won't stop the swelling but I sure hope it can help some, because it's painful at the end of the day.

I'm looking for some good, supportive, lightweight casual tennis shoes. Slip ons would be preferable. Anyone got any good suggestions?

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I just wear my Nike flip flops most of the time........even to work. They are about the only shoes that dont kill my feet

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No help here. I'm with you. I live in my Reefs or Tevas.

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I'm wearing croc tones...which are also flip flops. But I haven't had any discomfort since I switched to them. My feet do swell, and don't fit sometimes. Wink but usually only when it's INSANELY humid and I've done a lot of walking. There are also two different styles and I got the style with the extra band not thinking it might keep them from fitting when my feet the other style might be good.
I would check out some of the skate shoes, they're always my favorite for comfy shoes. etnies, dcs, converse, maybe keds? I'd worry the keds wouldn't have enough padding on the bottom. But they're nice and lightweight and stretchy.

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No real help, I live in flip flops, although I do love crocs as well, I just bought a larger size to help keep them fitting.

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No Flip Flops at All

I refuse to wear flip flops because the sound I make when I walk drives me crazy! I am a sneaker and ballet flats kind of girl. I also plan on wearing some comfy loafers when I go back to work.

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I wear Chaco flops mostly... they have excellent arch support but they aren't cheap. Oh... & they don't make the flip sound. Smile

Does Clarks make a tennis shoe or something you could wear? All of my Clarks shoes are ridiculously comfortable. I can walk forever in them.

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I wear flip flops during the weekend, but for work, I live in my Me Too flats! It's like walking on air and I have never had foot pain!

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Sorry I'm no help I wear flip flops as well but I will be looking in to tenni shoes here shortly when it get to cold to where my flip flops

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I've been wearing flip flops too. I love my nike's! I did buy some new balance tennis shoes in the beginning when my feet were hurting. They are great.! I know sketchers are comfy and some are backless. I haven't had much luck with shoes but hopefully you can find something that works!

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I thought of something else... My most comfortable pair of tennis shoes are my Saucony ones. They are more comfortable than any other ones I've tried.

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I tried on some today that were SUPER comfy, memory foam cushioning on the bottom part. Like SUPER comfy. Didn't buy them because they only had ugly colors in my size. And of course now I can't remember what they were. Gonna go to amazon and look them up real quick and I'll post here when I find them.

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I'd love to hear what those shoes were. They sound comfy! I also live in my Reefs, but my feet have been hurting so I was also thinking about looking into slip on tennis shoes.

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Reef flip-flops everyday

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I *think* these are the ones I tried on. They were sooooo comfy. Would have gotten them, but they didn't have my size Sad