Shower lastnight

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Shower lastnight

I am still in shock! My Mama friends threw me the nicest shower lastnight!!! 10 of them were there. They made me feel soooo special! Kristen who invited me made it sound like it was mostly going to be a girl's night but sort of a shower too but she sent me a totally separate invite from everyone else. Well, it was all about baby and all about ME! Being my 3rd baby I never thought anyone would do something like that for me. All the ladies that I really care about here were there so it was just amazing! I dont think anyone took any photos which I am sad about but we were all too busy eating and drinking and chatting! They had the whole dining room table full of wonderful gourmet type appetizers then we had chicken and salad and tabouli for dinner then fruit and smores stuff with chocolate fondue for desert! I just cant get over it!!! And even though I told everyone that I didnt need anything at all they got me lots of gifts too! I got a new diaper trashcan and a sweet little swing, a hammock type basinett, lots of diapers(2 diaper cakes stuffed full of little baby stuff in fact), tons of outfits, a couple books for the boys AND they all chipped in to buy me a massage from my favorite spa(worth probably $80!). I am just floored. During this pg I have sort of isolated myself. I know my hormones have gotten to me but I have been really questioning myself and my friendships a lot and I havent really spent time with these women like I normally would. I was even questioning whether I fit into their group or not. Well, I got my answer lastnight, they love me and that feels soooo wonderful to know in my heart! They are really amazing strong women and I am so proud to be their friend! Now I feel even more confident that I am ready to have Kai and be in a really good place.
On the other hand my older boys and my MIL had a really rough time yesterday! I am not sure she will ever want to take them anywhere again. They stayed Th night with her at her hotel here then yesterday they drove 2 hours each way south along the coast to visit her sister and her parents. She definitely wont try that again. The boys get carsick but havent had any issues recently even on the windy roads around here. So I didnt think to give them any dramamine-ooops! Her car is only about 6 months old and Reef puked 4 times on their drive down and twice on their drive back up! I feel so sorry for all 3 of them! She seemed sort of ok this morning but really all she said to me was she couldnt wait to get home and that next time she will go visit her parents on her own. I feel really guilty since I shouldve thought about the dramamine. Ugh.
Today DH took the boys to Corvallis(with dramamine on board)to see their first OSU football game! So that means I get a little more time to myself today. I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend!

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That is so thoughtful of your friends to do that for you!

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What a wonderful surprise.. for you! Sorry about your MIL's surprise! I hope the boys have fun today and that you enjoy your MASSAGE! How lucky are you?! Smile

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That is awesome!!! Smile

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You have some awesome friends! Sorry your MIL had such a rough go with your boys.

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Awwww...this post was so nice to read. I'm so happy that you feel loved & welcomed. Yay!!!

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Oh how nice of them! I'm so happy that their gesture made you feel so good.

Sorry your boys had such a rough time with grandma! I hope the car cleans uneasily :).

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Your shower sounds delightful. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. Truly a nice surprise!

Poor MIL... I hope your boys were able to have a good time despite the troubles.