Shy baby.....

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Shy baby.....

It's a.............




boy...well we think so. Wasn't really into sharing.
I had a trainee ultrasound tech who did all my meaurements. I never mentioned to her that we wanted to find out. But I thought I saw a 'boy' pic during the scan. When she was done she went to get her supervisor to come check her findings, I said to her we wanted to know and she said well I think it is a boy, and apparently the trainee had said the same thing to her before they came back in the room. However it really did not want us to see and kept the hands there most of the time so we never got a good look. When I asked how sure she was, she said 'I am never sure until they come out'. So although I am so excited I also feel I need confirmation and am so not ready to buy blue. Actually feel a little let down about the whole thing at the moment. Why is it my kids never ever cooperate at scans lol Contemplating the 3/4D scan but obviously they are best done later on.

Please no FaceBook comments until all of our family has been told... Thanks.

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Congrats on maybe a baby boy! Smile

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You have some shy children! Smile I know you must be bummed that you don't know for sure. Hopefully you will get your confirmation soon. Glad that he(?) is healthy!

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CONGRATS on a BOY! and getting a chance to see him...that stinks that the baby was so shy, but generally when they say boy, it usually remains a boy. It's always that, "Well I think it's a girl" that you need to really worry about. Though I'd feel the same way about going out and buying a bunch of blue with a trainee for a tech. Abby was quite active during hers, but I also hadn't eaten much that day and grabbed a snickers at the gas station not long before, so I think she was on a sugar high! LOL.

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Ugh you poor girl!! My friend went through that with her DD, she was always covering up her "parts" they even did the 3d and didn't officially know she was a girl till she came out. My DS on the other hand was spread eagle basically saying "look at this ma, I'm definitely a boy". But again my u/s tech said she is 99.9999% sure its a boy...she said they NEVER said 100%. I would just say/think boy!! Biggrin

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Mine wouldn't even give me a percentage which makes me nervous. Totally bummed out about it but should have expected it. We go on vacation on June 6th so going to see how I feel when we get back as the best time to do the 3/4d is mid to late 20weeks anyway.
What is with my kids and ultrasounds lol

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Sorry your little one was not into sharing. I hope you get another u/s to confirm that he is a he.

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these stubborn little babies!!! glad baby is healthy:)

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Well, I'm glad everything was ok even if little one was feeling a little modest. Congrats on a healthy baby (maybe boy)!

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yay! congrats! We have some really shy babies on this board!

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Yay for healthy! Hope if you do the 3d/4d you get the confirmation that they are a boy!

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Congrats on the strong possibility of a boy and on the fact that s/he's healthy!

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UGH!! If they weren't certain I would definitely do a 3d/4d. I need to shop!!!!!! We have a family friend who's an ultrasound tech that you better bet I would be on the phone with IMMEDIATELY!!

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LOL I wish I knew someone who was. I am sure I will do it but hate that I now have to wait another 5 or more weeks. I am so ready to do some shopping. It is funny so many people I know IRL are convinced it is a boy, wish I felt the same.

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Oh no another shy baby! I hope they are right and it's a boy :). It's great to hear LO is healthy though!