sick of doctors, sick of tests, sick of sonos.

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sick of doctors, sick of tests, sick of sonos.

I just want to enjoy this pregnancy, I wish I could just not see a doctor till I was in labor.

back in June I went to the ER, my ob thought I might have kidney stones.
no stones. but white blood count is high. She just got the reports back last week.

2 weeks ago i saw my general family doc who ordered some blood test, urine test, and sono of my abdominal organs for stomach pain.

First the nurse called and said everything came back great, then the doc calls at 9:30pm and said I have significant levels or protien in my urine (i didnt talk to him, he left a message)
and he said that whatever the cause would show up on my sono the next day.

sono came back great. so I call the doc office again. Nurse said "no, no protien, its bacteria and your white blood count is elevated"

so I see my ob monday and the report from June sayd I have a fatty lining of my liver. I am not obese, I do not drink alcohol.

This sign, along with my elevated white blood count, abdominal pain, lack of weight gain (up 4lbs on monday, but back to normal weight today) these are all signs of something called Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy. I dont know much about it, but it can be life threatening if not tackled asap.

I just spoke to my ob, who showed the report to the head ob, who said it could be a normal pregnancy side effect....


my ob wants to send me to yet another doctor to look into it further. From what I readm the only way to diagnose is with a liver biopsy, and if it is AFLP they would need to deliver the baby right away.

I have another sono Friday.

I am sick of this! I just want to enjoy this pregnancy and relax, but they make it very difficult with these weekly visits!

Sorry to complain. My gut feeling is everything is ok, but of course we can't ignore this as it could a a bad outcome.


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Wow... I'm with you I would want a better answer than "normal". I didn't realize that fatty liver could be a pg issue. I've heard of it in obese people. I'm sorry you are having to deal with that.

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I'm sorry girlie...hope they get you some REAL answers soon.

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How frustrating and worrisome. I hope the doctor can give you an answer as soon as possible - you don't need to spend your pregnancy stressing out (which probably makes your symptoms worse).

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((hugs)))!!!! I hope you get clearer answers on Friday and that you're gut feeling is right! Try to find some time where you can just go into yourself and pretend that none of this is happening. Feel good!!

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I am sorry you are going through this. Hopefully you will have answers soon. :bighug:

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Wow! I hope you get your answers soon! I'm glad your OB is looking into it further than just taking the head OB's word for it.

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I'm so sorry you're having to go through all of this. I hope you can get some answers soon. But while you wait, please try and relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.