Signs of labor?

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Signs of labor?

Who's having signs of labor?

I'm starting to have some very early signs. Totally out of the ordinary for me. I had NO signs of impending labor at all with DD, so the fact that ANYTHING is happening makes me happy Biggrin

So far today I have had:

- tummy issues this morning (two BMs in a short time, and I puked this morning)
- feeling movement way low behind my pubic bone and a lot of pressure in my bum (it feels like he's literally kicking my bottom and my tail bone)
- back ache
- contrax that are getting more painful, unfortunately they aren't getting closer together
- a braxton hicks contrax that made my tummy feel like an overinflated basketball that lasted for 2 minutes
- increased fetal movement

Seriously starting to wonder if I'll make it to my due date or not :eek:

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I'm having everything that you just described. The pressure in my bum is so bad right now!! Sad I thought I was coming down with a stomach virus yesterday because I had diarrhea and nausea, but now I just think it means that labor is closer. I woke up at 4:30 this morning to really painful contractions, but as soon as I was able to time 3 of them, they disappeared.

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I've had some early labor symptoms, but different ones than you've been having. Do you expect to make it to your due date?

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I have no idea if I'll make it or not. DD was a week late and had to be induced but I was having NONE of these symptoms with her, even at 40 weeks pregnant. I'm not planning on going the induction route this time... he'll come when he's ready, but he sure does seem much more ready than she did.

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Feeling all of that plus extra goo when I hit the loo. Nothing plug-like just extra stuff.

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After everything you've done is such a short time frame, you need to rest as much as you can. Make sure you stay hydrated. I still can't believe you were able to do all of that... you had to be running on adrenaline or something. Smile KUP!

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I had NO symptoms with my first, but with each subsequent one the symptoms have started sooner and sooner. Well, with my last 3 they have pretty much started around the same time. I've been having contractions for the last few weeks. Nothing major though, just short ones here and there. Also, I've had quite a bit of pelvic pressure starting about a week ago.

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This is my third pg and I have never had a pre labour symptom. My first symptom last time was my first contraction and Macey was delivered 1hr 45mins later lol Hoping this means another late baby. If I do a lot of walking I get pelvic pain but only when walking around.

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Same as you!!! Her head is engaged. I'm sure I'll still go to 38 weeks or so.

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Very similar - lots of BM, irregular contractions, pelvic pressure, but I'm expecting at least another 3 weeks.

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Same here, lots of symptoms. Really hoping that my group b strep test next week comes back negative so that I won't have to be induced to make sure that I've had enough time for the antibiotics if I'm positive.

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I think I'll have my GBS test this Friday. Yippie. Deciding if I want to have him check me JUST this once, just to see if all of these goings-on down there are doing anything. Doubt they are, but at least I'll know, and then no more check lol

eta- can add colostrum to that list. Oh the joys haha

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I have everything you describes, the only difference being my contractions get closer together and are very regular (hence the bedrest). Sounds like our LO's just don't want to wait!

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I've had lots of pelvic pressure lately and feeling crampy. Also very tired. I haven't had to many contractions though. I think I will go at least another week.

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I've always had a lot of pre-labor - ctrx starting at 34 wks, extra gooeyness, pressure and discomfort. I also have pretty quick labors when it actually gets in gear, so I don't mind the slow prep.
today I had to have a glass of wine just to calm things down, the pressure was getting very heavy and I started feeling like i needed to move around to relieve the strain, and try to move baby into a less uncomfortable position. I spoke to my midwife and she basically said to try to take it easy. I may go out to her tomorrow for a pre-natal and massage... we'll see if I feel like making the 30 hour drive.

We're getting close, that's what it comes down to...

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You guys conjured this up for me! I was having no symptoms, but I woke up with acid reflux and pelvic pressure. I think I just wanted to be part of the group.

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"BabyBuff" wrote:

You guys conjured this up for me! I was having no symptoms, but I woke up with acid reflux and pelvic pressure. I think I just wanted to be part of the group.


Well my appointment got moved to tomorrow and I confirmed that I'm getting my GBS test done tomorrow so I'm going to let him check me JUST this time, to see if anything is actually going on or not.

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I look forward to hearing about your progress :).

I'm not surprised your having these symptoms considering all the work you did on your new house! FWIW I start all the pre-labor stuff early and nothing ever comes of it lol.