Skipping appointments??

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Skipping appointments??

Just wondering what you thought about skipping appointments? Namely my 28 week one? I will be away for two weeks and my dr away the week before and after. I don't really think there's need for concern, it just seems like I'd be missing out if that mAkes any sense at all??

I'll go at 25 and 31 weeks, and get my GD test done at 26,5.

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I think 28 weeks is a boring appointment unless you haven't had your diabetes test yet.

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I wouldn't be too worried if everything is going well so far.

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Are you rhesus negative? If so check you aren't getting your Anti-D (Rhogam) then. For me 28weeks is a biggie due to that plus they are also taking my blood at 28 to recheck iron levels and such. If they are doing none of these then I wouldn't be worried.

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I definitely wouldn't worry about it as long as everything is going well with your LO. My MW always does appts every 6 weeks instead of 4, for healthy normal pregnancies. She will be on vacation for a while and instead of seeing someone else in the practice I opted to wait. So I will actually have almost 10 weeks in between appts. She saw no issue with it and neither did I. If something comes up I'll go into L&D, plus I had my big US in between, so technically I was seen :).

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It's not like I'm going to the heart of Africa where there's no care! Were going to Vermont, LA for Disneyland then up to British Columbia, Toronyo and then home to Quebec City. All places where I can be taken care of if need be. Thanks for the reminder about various tests I should have before I leave!

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I've only had 2 appointments the entire pregnancy so far. No big deal. My midwife also said it was fine if I wanted to go every 3-4 weeks after my 28 week appointment instead of 2.

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If you haven't had any problems in the past, I wouldn't worry about. My 28 week appt. was so boring that I don't even want to go for another 4 weeks, but I have to start every 2 weeks. I DO think it's important to go to the later ones though because anything can happen then.

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I think it's fine too. I would keep an eye on your blood pressure if you've ever had a problem or you feel funny though. 28 weeks is about when my blood pressure went bad during my first pregnancy.

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Because we moved, I had an appointment at 22 weeks (old dr) and 29 weeks (new dr). I talked to my old dr about what to watch out for and things I should let my new dr know about. In some ways it is easier because you feel regular movement at this stage.

You aren't going to be in the middle of nowhere if you do need care and I assume if you do need to go in while your Dr is on holidays, you have that option too.

My iron was checked with my GD test, not at my actual appointment.

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Not sure if your appointment is already passed since I've been out of town, but just wanted to say that I missed one last month b/c I was so crazy busy getting ready for my 16 day trip. As long as there are no concerns and all seems to be fine, I wouldn't worry about it.....actually that's my second appointment I missed. The first one was back in April when I moved from Illinois to Nebraska, but I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy.

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I go about every 4-5 weeks because a scheduling. I don't think it s a big deal if you skip one. We are moving at the end of the month and I will not make it to the doctor for my 28 week apt as well. I guess I should find a Dr first. Wink