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Am I the onli one waking up at all times of the night and can't get back to sleep??? Seriously?!? I've been awake since 3 and it's now 430....and work at 7 :eek:

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I was laying in bed about 2hrs ago thinking I am going to post this exact same thing. I am up like 3-4times a night and have a wicked hard time getting back to bed..sometimes it takes a couple hours! Sad

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I wake up numerous times a night and I can usually get back to sleep.. but not always! I was up for an hour or two a couple of nights ago at 3am :/

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I usually do. Last night was the first night this week that if I woke up, I went right back to sleep. So frustrating when you don't have a good reason to be up - you know, like a crying infant to tend to.

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Sleep is a long lost friend of mine. I normally wake up in the middle of the night and am awake for atleast an hour and a half. So frustrating.

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I'm woken up most nights once, but that is for dd, of course, then I'm up for hours. I can't seem to fall asleep on time, so I'm relying on her morning nap most days to get enough sleep myself.

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Well Im at work and semi-functional lol. I just need sweet Zayla to make her appearance now! This sleep pattern is not very becoming Wink I usually can fall back to sleep as well, but over the last wk or two I just busy myself with eating in the middle of the night since I have nothing else to do. Last night it was oatmeal cookies Dirol

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Nope! You are not the only one! Last night I was able to sleep after getting up but I got up to pee EVERY 45 Minutes! I'm so tired today!

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Yep, I think it is our bodies' way of preparing us for being up all times of the night with an infant. Dont our bodies know that it would be better if we were well rested for labor and before we get sleep deprived with a new baby???

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I think my body has actually adjusted to constantly waking up at night and I don't have a problem with it anymore lol. Both of my kids have been bad sleepers since birth and I honestly haven't slept though the night in years. So getting up every 45 minutes- an hour doesn't really bother me. It's almost like I've learned to stay semi sleeping while walking around taking care of kids and peeing haha. I definitely had this issue with my first two though. I was a complete insomniac then, this time all I want to do is sleep!