Slightly Disappointing Appointment

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Slightly Disappointing Appointment

I had a prenatal visit with my OB's practicing partner today. She was very nice, but the first news I got was that they didn't have my blood test results for my nuchal. I was VERY disappointed. Even though I'll be able to get them tomorrow..

Then neither the med student NOR the doctor could find the fetal heartbeat. Of course it made me nervous, but I said it was okay. The doctor disagreed, though, and took me into the ultrasound suite. She found the baby (who was moving around, flipping, dancing, kicking).. and she replaced the ultrasound wand with the doppler.. but still couldn't get the heartbeat. She tried with the ultrasound again.. then the doppler again.. and THERE it was. 160!

But all the stuff that happened this morning stressed me out. I actually had to sit in my car and cry for five minutes before I went into work to try to calm down! Hormones make me crazy. I'll call in the morning for the blood test results. My next appointment is on the 27th, at which time I will schedule my anatomy scan!

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That sounds like a rough apt. I am glad that they finally were able to find the HB but they did not need to stress you out. I hope your results are good.

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When you had the tests for your nuchal did you have the u/s scan that goes along with the test? If your baby's nuchal fold measurement was less than 3mm than it DOES NOT have down syndrome (but if it's over 3mm it doesn't necessarily mean that it does). By being under 3mm you can rule out down's completely... do you know what the measurement was? I'm sorry to hear you had such a rough day... hang in there! My doctor couldn't find the heartbeat on doppler for like 5 minutes and said it's very hard at this stage especially if the baby is facing the wrong way (and it's always moving). She finally found it but only for a few seconds and lost it again.

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The nuchal fold measurement was 2.1mm, just about perfect. The doctor said she wasn't concerned at all... but I still want to see the blood results before I tell everyone Smile

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Sorry for a rough appt. Hormones are crazy things huh lol Hope your next one is better.

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Sorry about the rough appt. I hope your bloodwork comes back completely normal.

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oh sweetie, Im sorry. Im glad your doctor was willing to do the sono.

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Yeah that's great your doc got you right in to get an u/s! I would have been freaked/stressed too! But I'm glad everything worked out. Its always reassuring to see them doing their little baby dance!

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I'm glad you got to see your LO!