smiley girl....

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smiley girl....

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I love those squishy cheeks a dimples! Smile

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Love the smiles Smile

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so cute! I haven't caught any on camera yet!

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"blondiess4u" wrote:

so cute! I haven't caught any on camera yet!

Those were all like within 5 min of each other......everytime I would open my mouth to talk to her she would give me a great big smile.

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SoooOOOooooOOOOOOooo Cute!!! Love those smiles Smile I haven't been able to catch any on camera (well, I got one, but it was blurry).

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Oh my those dimples are soooo darn cute!!!

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Those dimples are the cutest! I wish I could catch some big smiles from Caleb!