So Clumsy....

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So Clumsy....

I have almost fallen once this week, and I successfully fell this morning. The first time was totally my fault. I was being stupid and I tried to step over the baby gate we use to keep the dog out of the kitchen when we are cooking. My leg didn't quite make it over the gate, and I almost landed in a "splits" position. This morning was just a freak fall. I was walking the dog at 6:30 am and I was going to cut across the grass to make room for someone else walking on the sidewalk.

My left ankle hit a slight hole in the ground and it totally gave out on me. Luckily, I managed to avoid landing on my stomach. I pulled a few muscles in my pelvis, though, and I started to have some mild lower abdomen cramps afterwards. This was more of a hard fall, and it was uncomfortable. It's not the first time I've fallen during this pregnancy. Two or three weeks ago, I was walking downstairs and, when my left foot hit the ground, it just gave out on me. That was a much more gentle fall. It was like I fell in slow motion.

Anyhow, is anyone else feeling like gravity is the enemy? How many times have you fallen? If you did fall, did you go to the doctor? What did they say? When should I go to the doctor if I have fallen? I'm almost full term (will be this Saturday), so I'm a little worried that anything can set off labor.

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I missed a stair about two weeks ago and slipped. I did call the doctor but they said unless I feel on my stomach or have lack of fetal movement there is no need to come in. Hope you are feeling ok

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I haven't fallen this pg but I did fall last pg. It was a slip & fall... Landed on my bottom. It also set off contractions. I have to be constantly aware of walking. If I don't focus, I would have more accidents. I cannot get ahead of myself or go too fast while pg.

If you didn't land on your tummy or do anything that would be concerning like a severe twist where you could pop anything important loose, you are probably fine... Other than being sore of course. Anything like that can set off contractions... They could be the productive kind or just the annoying kind. If you had any symptoms that are new or unusual, I would call the Dr. And always keep an eye of LOs movement. Any change & I would again contact the Dr.

Hth... & hope you aren't too sore.

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I hope you're feeling better! I fell once this pregnancy and twisted my hip and leg. It really hurt! I had some contractions, but everything seemed to be fine. Gravity is my enemy, too!

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Ooohhh gravity...I fell in July but it was a knee scrape fall. Ugghh!!! I was just grumpy b/c it was an old hole my dog had dug & I didn't see it. Stinkin' dog...

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Ouch! Gravity is never my friend, but fortunatly the only time I fell I managed to take the impact on my knee and hands. Hope you're feeling better.

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Hope your feeling better now. Falling is never fun, but worse with 20 something extra pounds sticking out in front of us. Makes our center of balance really wonky. I usually have to brace myself on the walls of our hall if I'm getting up at night to pee b/c my back is usually in that much pain that I'm afraid my legs will give out. It's pretty sucky.

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Hope you are feeling better. I have not ftaken a fall but I run into things all the time.