So excited... gender scan in the morning!

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So excited... gender scan in the morning!

Tomorrow I am going in for my anatomy/profile scan (11:15am)... hoping to get a tech that will tell us what the baby is! Anyone want to guess?? :):)

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Soooo excited! I'm not good at guessing without knowing how you've been feeling Wink

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YAY!!! I can't guess either because I was wrong with mine! LOL. Do you have any guesses?

Have fun and can't wait to hear what your having!

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I think you need another girl to offset those boys!

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Im gonna say boy..

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So exciting. I must say I am a little jealous of all of you getting these scans before me when my due date is the same as Jen's Oct 1st lol
No guesses I am afraid I don't even have a clue with my own lol

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Almost here! Almost here! Almost here! Almost here!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just going to say boy since you need a little farm boy to pull that John Deere planter and to look after Clara when they get older. But there's not scientific reasoning behind any of that.

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So exciting!!

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