So many names!!!

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So many names!!!

Ugh is anyone else freaking out about names? I know it's still early, but its like the one thing that's been on my mind and the one thing we can't decide on. Everything else we're in total agreement (colors of the nursery, where she will stay, blah blah), but with the names its like DH just doesn't want to put forth an effort to even talk about. He's very stubborn and once he likes a name he won't discuss any other ones, but I'm not 100% sure I like our choice/have other names I like. Of course I come up with a new favorite every week which I bet doesn't help! 99% of the names I bring up he shoots down. And I'm like 50% positive she is going to come out and really be a HE! lol These damn hormones are driving me nuts! Biggrin

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LOL good luck with that. I always really struggled with girls names, none sounded good to me which is tricky when you have two girls. This time I thought we had it figured out and agreed upon, then DH came up with another one he likes more. I like it but like it less. Then I heard another name that I was like hmmmm kinda like that too. So we went from having it sorted to now having three different ones on the table.

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ummm of right now all I STILL have is "Alligator"......soooo

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We came up with a name pretty quick this time BUT last time... oh my goodness. I was telling everyone that we would name the baby after we got home from the hospital. We couldn't come up with anything... then finally it clicked. We did manage it before she was born though. It absolutely drove me crazy though until we had a name. Good Luck!

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You sound just like me! DH and I haven't really talked about it at all. I've made a big list (though it's not that many names) with popularity and meaning.. and he's done NOTHING about it! Arghhh..

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I lucked out this time. Just like last time, I had a boy name and no girl names. DH liked the first name and didn't seem to worry about me choosing a middle name this time. He just went with whatever I said. Smile
But Abby Kate was a hard one.
Good luck. I know it's maddening, but if you try not to think too much on it for a few days it helps......but that's kind of hard!

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I hear ya! We have always been set on the first name... but the middle name we are still going back a forth. I hate it! I just want to be set!!!
Good luck!

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I am going through the same thing with my husband. Still to this day, he has his mind set for Vladimir or Uriah...Both of which I despise and cannot agree to. He likes more 'out there' outrageous names and I like more biblical names (tho not necessarily traditional either) Our tastes are WAY different and sometimes it just stresses me out and I don't even want to talk about it anymore. LIke you and your DH-- me and mine agree on EVERYTHING ELSE!!! It's crazy! I'm hoping we can finally come to some type of agreement once as time this rate though...who knows...

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I'm pretty sure the nurse will have to name our's. I'm set on a name and he's set on a name. Unfortunately he is as stubborn as me!

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I hope you all can agree on the perfect name!

I've always named my LO the day I find out the gender. But I'm anal like that ;).

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Oh yeah. We're never going to be able to a) choose 2 names that compliment one another & my DS's & b) agree on said names. I'm a bit stressed actually. It's soooo much pressure to pick just the right name. Acckkk!!!!