So my appt sucked....

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So my appt sucked....

After a couple weeks of talking about scheduling an induction he decides today to tell me we CAN'T do it because of my previous C section. He was like we have to just let you go on your own. So I told him well then we will probably have a problem then because I don't go into labor on my own. I was INDUCED with DS#4 (who was my VBAC baby) at 42 weeks and delivered with no problems......... he did do a stretch and sweep. I had one with DS#4 which nothing happened but after the one today I wonder if she really even did it with him. When the midwife did one with DS#4 I barely even felt it. Today when my OB did it it hurt like hell and he "dug" around for awhile. It was bad enough that when I got up to walk out I was nauseous. Anyway I am about to go walk walk walk and have every intention on trying castor oil tonight. He said I was about a 2 and very very very soft and Allis head is WAY down.

Needless to say I sat in the truck and cried for a good 15 min when I left.

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I'm really surprised he didn't mention that until now. I'm hoping for a vbac (though today is my due date so it's looking less likely) and they were very upfront from the beginning that they don't induce vbac patients because of the increased risk.

Sorry the stretch and sweep hurt so much but hopefully it will do something. My OB tried to do one but I wasn't even a full fingertip, but he tried for a while and it was pretty uncomfortable. Good luck.

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((hugs)) I know how u feel! I cried after my disappointing appt yesterday! Only good thing is they checked me and I was 2cm. So hopefully I'll go on my own soon!

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Sorry they're just not springing this on you! Kinda surprised they induced you with #4 because I thought they didn't induce for VBACs. Hopefully baby will come on her own soon!!

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Sorry you had a disappointing appt. Best of luck with the walking and castor oil! I think we are all starting to get anxious!

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Sorry about the stinky appointment :/ I hope baby girl comes soon with all the interventions you're trying!

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:bigarmhug:Sorry it sucked. Sounds like what it felt like when they did the sweep for DD. Hoping it gets your body going. You never know!

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Sorry to hear your appointment did not go well. Hopefully you go on your own very soon!

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well my brother and I went and walked around Walmart for a couple hours got home and went to use the bathroom. I had "old" (brown) blood on my pantyliner which I am sure is from him checking me and whatnot but then when I wipe I had bright red we'll see maybe something will happen.

And they never mentioned with DS#4 NOT inducing for a VBAC.....the OB was very upfront about my chances being higher if I went into labor on my own but said we'd try anyway. And I am soooooooooo glad we did because i had absolutely NO problems with being induced for the VBAC.

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I'm sorry you're disappointed. Hopefully she'll come quickly...

You could try deep lunges with one leg on stairs or the back of the couch. Get Allie's head right against that cervix, aggravating it.

Or there's always this...

Evidently Vanilla Ice is quite effective.:D

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"Mrs. Mac" wrote:

I'm sorry you're disappointed. Hopefully she'll come quickly...

You could try deep lunges with one leg on stairs or the back of the couch. Get Allie's head right against that cervix, aggravating it.

Or there's always this...

Evidently Vanilla Ice is quite effective.:D

oh goodness if i tried half of what that girl is doing I'd dislocate a hip or something....

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I'm so sorry they changed their minds about the induction. It's really unfair and frustrating when they make decisions for you and you have no say. I'll be praying that you go on your own asap. Could you try printing out some research about inducing VBACs and bringing it in to try and convince him? Or maybe ask if they would just break your water? My hospital will induce VBACs but they do it conservatively and after explaining the slightly increased risk of rupture.

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Red blood is a good sign! With my last one the Dr did a sweep at 1:30pm then I went home and took a tablespoon of castor oil and went about my daily activities. DS was born at 1:23am (not quite 12 hours later). Best of luck to you!

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I know it really sucks when the doctors say one thing and then change. With my situation I had a csection in 2000 but natural births in 2003 and 2010. I was not allowed to be induced for either as in Canada they feel the chance of rupture is simply too great. Thankfully with both I went into labour on my own and all went well. With this pregnancy the same thing, no induction, only labour on your own. My OB cautioned me greatly about induction and even going into labour on my own as they had 3 babies die this year from uterine rupture. Once your uterus ruptures they literally have three minutes to knock you out and get baby out before they suffer brain damage and you also risk losing your uterus. It's such a sad situation when it happens as the uterus immediately fills with blood which your baby inhales and many times the placenta is affected and the baby's oxygen is cut off.

I told my OB "but I've had two successful natural births since!" and he said the MORE natural births you have the GREATER the risk it will rupture as there is stress placed on the scar with every contraction. I didn't want to believe him either and was pretty upset I couldn't be induced last week (I wasn't dilated enough to have my water broken which is the only induction they will do). I ended up choosing the csection and I am sooooo glad I did as during the surgery the OB said my uterine scar area was very thin and most likely would have ruptured during a vaginal birth. I really hope you go into labour soon and have this little one, I definately know how uncomfortable you are, I was so done last week when I had my OB appointment. Your doctor is just wanting the best safest outcome for you and your little one, try to focus on that. I had a hard time with it but when I realized he just wanted me to have a healthy baby it helped me to try to be more patient and understanding.