so sick of L&D trips!!!

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so sick of L&D trips!!!

I just got back from ANOTHER trip to L&D for a NST. The baby's movement has decreased a fair bit since the wreck but seemed to almost cease in the past 24 hours. I tried all the tricks and could get him to respond to me manipulating him with my hands after a bit, but sugar and caffeine and food did nothing. It kept me up most the night with worry and his heartrate on my at home monitor wasn't picking up accels either.

So the monitored us and after a half hour he still hadn't moved any, they flipped me around and manipulated him some and gave me some OJ. About 10 minutes later he woke up, PISSED, and made up for lost movement very quickly.

I am to continue to keep an eye on his movement until my appointment on Thursday, but I am guessing he is running out of room and tired from the stress of the wreck and everything. I know I am.

This was my 5th visit to L&D since the wreck and I am sick of all the back and forth!

I wish things would either go back to normal or he would just come. Things were ok before the wreck aside from just being in pain thanks to an irritable uterus... now it feels like hell. The pain and the stress and the bedrest and UGH!

I just want this to be over with and him be ok and us not need any more visits to any healthcare places for a while!

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I'm glad you went to be checked. I'm happier that he was ok. Good for you for staying on top of it though. I can only imagine the stress you've had recently. KUP!

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Glad you got checked!! I hear you about the L&D trips. My 5th trip was when I was really in labor and by that point I didn't even want to go back. Ugh! I contemplated just having the baby at home.

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yeah, after everything I'm not going to not go when I feel something is up. Who knows if the wreck has done anything to us or not. I do know it is what caused my BP to go up so high, but who knows what else it may have done.

Im too worried that we will miss something than to worry about being an annoying fixture in L&D... I'm just ready for the "what ifs" to go away!

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I am sorry Sad that has to be so stressful. I'm so glad baby started wiggling again, there really is so little room!

Hugs, rest as best you can!!

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I'm sure you're sick and tired of visiting the nice people at L&D, but I know they'd rather you came in! I hope you can have your wish - him here, or a return to normal. :bigarmhug:

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I'm glad you got checked out, and super happy that he's doing okay! I hope things either settle down for you or he decides to make his entrance.

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I'm glad he started moving well! Sorry about all the stress though. Hopefully he will bake for another week or so, and then decide to come on out... and in the mean time keep moving well for you!

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I hope things calm down for you until he makes his appearance :).

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That's great that he started moving for you. It does get strange near the end when they start moving less. They annoy us and keep us up with their movements and then when it slows down, it freaks us all out and still keeps us up at night. Silly little babies!!!!! Good for you for going in though. I'm the worlds worse at going in to the dr, so fortunately I haven't had any problems to worry about.

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I am sorry. I am glad little man was okay. Hopefully things can calm down for you.

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I'm glad you went in and I'm so sorry about the stress and the wreck. I'm sure the nurses much prefer you coming in and getting checked then not doing so. I hate going in to L&D so I'm trying to wait until something definitive happens but I keep getting the "what if's" too. Not fun. I hope everything goes well!

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