So swollen!!

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So swollen!!

I had a little swelling on Friday, but I was also on my feet all day in the sun. The swelling went away by Saturday, but today it is back full force. I have had no swelling at all this pregnancy and thought I skipped it, but it has gotten bad really fast like within the last 6 hours. I have pitting edema and it's all the way up to my knees which is really uncomfortable since I've had 4 knee surgeries. Sad My skin just feels so stretched now and it hurts to walk up and down my stairs. I know there really is nothing I can do and the only cure is delivery. I'm just feeling sorry for myself now. At least I have just a couple of weeks at the most left. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so we'll see what she has to say about the swelling. I wouldn't be surprised if she has me do a 24 urine test since they found protein in my urine last week.

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Soak I'm warm Epsom salt baths, put on knee high compression socks as soon as you get up in the mornings, drink lots of water and elevate elevate elevate!

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Oh yuck! I'm so sorry! It seems like swelling is hitting a lot of us right now. I agree hydrate and elevate. The compression socks really help to but it might help to have someone else put them on. I don't know about you but I can barely bend over to touch my legs anymore!

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I also have swelling it gets worse if I dont sleep well at night ... DD is suddenly restless at night and has had disturbed sleep for a week now... !!my hands look like I am wearing up boxing gloves !!! putting my feet up helps ......