So tell me . . .

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So tell me . . .

How long does this overemotional stage last? I cried A LOT the first week, but we were having a really hard time with breastfeeding and I was exclusively pumping. When we started breastfeeding things got a little better, but now I find that I get overwhelmed and and crying a lot again.

So, when will this feel less overwhelming? Or, at least when will it get to the point that I won't cry because I feel so overwhelmed?

PS - My DH is fantastic, so I have the benefit of having lots of good help.

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It's different with every woman, every baby. I cried a lot with my first, but not with my second and third. You still have all those pregnancy hormones running through your body, and now you have a new baby and all of these new things going on around you, so it's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed!! I'm glad you have a great DH that's helping you out!

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I have to agree it is different every women and every baby. I never cried with my first but was a wreck with my second, crying all the time. With this one I have not cried. I am glad your DH is being a wonderful support for you. if you need to cry do it, it is good for you to let it out. And don't worry about the overwhelming feelings. One day you will just notice they are gone. You are doing the hardest job a person can ever do, try to relax and enjoy the ride xxx

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It is different every time. Having great support can make a huge difference. Just try to take every day as it comes, and enjoy the hardest, most rewarding job you can ever do.

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I was super emotional with DD, but I'm much more level this time around. My worst time was the first 6 weeks. Hope it passes quickly for you.

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It is different every time. I would say though, that after the first couple weeks your mood should slowly return to "more normal." If you find that you are increasingly more overwhelmed, and having more crying spells then that would be a concern. I have found that after the first month or so I feel much more like my normal self.

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I agree, it differs. I can't remember being over emotional with either of my kids. Have you gotten out of the house much? I find that when I am stuck at the house for too long is when I start to get hormonal.

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Thanks for the advice ladies! I am staying pretty close to home, so maybe that's something I can work on. I also noticed that since she seems to be in a growth spurt it's cutting into my sleep and making me crazy. It's nice to know there is an end to this somewhere. Smile

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I'm sorry youre having such a rough time, I hope you start to feel better soon!

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My "emotional baby blues" stage lasted for about 2 1/2 weeks. Then it suddenly went away, and I was soooooooo thankful. I know how you feel. The first 2-3 weeks are the HARDEST. You feel so overwhelmed and its completely normal to cry a lot, with all the hormones dropping and no sleep. I promise you there is a light at the end of the tunnell, even though it doesnt feel like it. I was so miserable. DH was working 10+ hours a day and I was home alone with a newborn, also having trouble breastfeeding. It was depressing.

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Mine never went completely away, lol. Ever since I had my first I cry very easily. This time around I've cried a lot but the last few days it's gotten a bit better so maybe I'm over the worst of it (I'm 3 weeks pp)