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Something Fun...

So for those who have found out what they are having, I was curious how accurate this Chinese Gender Predictor was...

Here's the link:

All you have to do is chart how old you were at conception with the month of conception and it tells you whether you are having a boy or a girl.

Let's find out how accurate this really is! ...or if it's a bunch of bs Smile

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Kind of Confusing

I'm having a boy. But I'm pretty sure I conceived on January 31. It could have easily been February 1, though. So on the 31st, it predicted a boy. But on the 1st, it predicted a girl. Do with that what you will!

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Mine is right!!! Smile

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Very interesting. I don't know yet, but did it anyway. Smile There are a lot of versions of this, some of them you have to convert your age/month of conception.
This one said my oldest and my second should have been boys and this one should be a girl. So since it was wrong both times already maybe this one will be a boy? Wink

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Mine was wrong with my girls and if this is a boy then wrong again. Even if I change my age to Chinese lunar calendar still all wrong lol

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OMG! I was just looking at this yesterday. thinking how accurate it was for me and how next time I may base my conception off of it. It was right both times for me! But I noticed that there are different gender predictors and they are not all the same, So I guess it depends on which one you use. I'm gonna say it's probably bs but I'll go with it!

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For me, with DD it was wrong, it said I was having a boy, but I just chalked it up to conception being very close to my birthday so maybe the chart was confused? haha. But with this LO on the way, it says boy and I'm having a boy.

I wonder if those gender predictors from CVS or the drug store work? Has anyone tried any of those?

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Those gender predictors should all be removed... they are not accurate at all. The only way you can predict the gender of a baby is by amnio, ultrasound, PGD or CVS. That's it! Those tests pray on people's hopes and of course they have a 50% chance of being right. It should say "for entertainment purposes only". They were wrong for 1/2 the people on my other due date board.

The Chinese calendar has been right with ALL of my pregnancies including this one!

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well it said my first should have been a girl and I had ID twin boys.....for DS#3 it was right.....right for DD......said girl for DS#4........and it says boy this time but Im having a girl..

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was wrong for DD but right for this one. It's all in good fun.

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Right for DS1, wrong for DS2 and this baby should be a boy. Lets hope that it is wrong again.

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Correct for both of my children

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Chinese predicter was right on for me.

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It was right for me this time BUT it was wrong for DD last time. So, I'm 50-50. Smile

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It was right for all 3 of my children. Must be magic! Smile

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Right for 2 out of 3