squirmy baby

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squirmy baby

Anyone else have one of these? I don't mind during the day but we co sleep at night and he sleeps soundly until about 4 am when he wakes up for a feed and then after that he falls asleep but won't stop moving, kicking and throwing around his arms. I keep him swaddled but he moves so much he breaks out of it. I don't know if maybe he is uncomfortable because I don't change him at night anymore, maybe he has gas, or is ready to wake up? I can't figure it out but it is a contant thing every morning. I have to end up putting him in the swing because I start getting irritated and can't sleep next to him anymore. Any suggestions?

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Not during nighttime ... she sleeps soundly as long as she's swaddled. Daytime however, she is a constant mover. Doesn't know how to stay still.