Starting eviction process!!

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Starting eviction process!!

So today I am 12 days overdue and still no signs of him deciding to join us. Not one contraction, no loss of my mucous plug nothing. He still moves a lot and his butt is still really high. Of course I am awake super early. Will be a normal morning, girls up and to school/preschool. Then I have to be at the hospital at 10am. Wish I had a crystal ball so I knew how long I was going to be gone for. My 4yr old has never been left overnight without either me or DH, I know she will be fine still not looking forward to not knowing when I will see her and her sister. They aren't allowed on the labour ward only on the postpartum ward.

Hopefully be back in a couple of days.

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:(:(:( im sorry! Good luck today! I'll be thinking of you!

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Goodluck Emma, we'll all be thinking about you! I'm sure your little ones will do fine, it's us Moms that have a harder time usually! I can't wait to see what your LO weighs!!

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I'm sorry!! It is hard to leave those little ones! My littlest one had only been left 2 times with ANYONE other than Dh or I EVER (and never overnight) prior to my recent birth. Thankfully she was asleep when I left and I was home by 10 am the next morning. I hope things go very quickly for you, and at least your 4 year old will have her sister, right?!

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aww I'm sorry he's not cooperating. I hope labor is fast and easy for you though!

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Oh my, good luck woman! I hope things go quickly and easily for you today! I cant believe you are almost 2 week overdue and still nothing is happening! Time to get him moving! I will be thinking of you today, cant wait to hear!

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I hope the induction goes quickly and easily. I'm so sorry he didn't cooperate and you couldn't have your homebirth. P&PT, can't wait for an update!

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So did I miss something? I thought they would let you go farther overdue as long as the baby is in no distress? Did you just decide you didn't want to wait longer, or was there a reason they induced? Congrats on finally having your baby too! Can't wait for the story!