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I have yet to gain any weight but I have a feeling that will be changing real soon. I have wanted to eat all day the past 2 days!

today I have already had:
bowl of strawberries
rice cake w/peanut butter
bowl of frosted flakes
another rice cake plain

and now im thinking of lunch!

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No wonder why I gained 10 pounds in a month that would be an afternoon snack for me!

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Mmm I am hungry and I just had a big bowl of pasta.

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My appetite has really picked up in the last couple of weeks. I've picked up my eating a lot! I've also had my first weight gain of the pregnancy and I'm SURE it won't be the last.

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Summer is the best though. I love all the fresh foods. I eat WAY ealthier in the Summer, so I'm hoping that will help. Strawberries were only 1.50/lb this week and I'm guess they'll stay about the same for a while. I "heart" Summertime!

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I haven't gained any yet either, but I bet I'll find out at my appt tuesday that that has changed. I've also been starving lately!