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Still Here :)

After being told at my 37 week appointment that I would go any time, I am still here. Smile

Every week it kind of makes me laugh because the docs check, say 4 cm, almost completely effaced, low station and they don't think they'll see me at my next appointment. But, I just keep coming back!

39 week appointment today. 4-5cm dilated, 80% effaced and 0 station. The doc said, "We'll make an appointment for next week just in case, but I don't think you'll need it." I didn't burst her bubble by saying that I've been told the same thing at my last two appointments.

I don't think she's coming out. In fact, I think she's staying in to prove a point! Smile

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They can't stay in that much longer! Hope you do go soon!

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At least you seem to have a good sense of humor about it. This is why I'm thinking of declining a cervical check at my appointment tomorrow. I'm only just over 36 weeks and even if I am 1 cm or something that pretty much means nothing. My first pregnancy was the same way. even after stripping my membranes the day before my due date Dr. says, "oh you'll be feeling contractions tonight". I didn't feel a thing until they broke my water in the hospital. You just never know.

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I was at a 4 for weeks with my last 3. BUT, once I started to move past a 4 labor came quick. SO... you're almost a 5 now, so maybe the same will hold true for you!!

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Haha this is why I decline cervical checks unless *I* feel it's necessary for *me* to know how dilated I am. Kids come in their own time, that's for darned sure!

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I'm sure she'll come out eventually - but who knows when! Babies run their own time schedules Smile

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It happens all the time! I always laugh to myself when drs make predictions about when babies will come. There's just absolutely no way of telling. I'm so glad you're keeping a positive attitude about it, these last few weeks are tough and it's hard not to be disappointed when you're being told it could be any day!

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The end is so frustrating. Every day feels like a week when you are waiting. Hang in there! It usually happens when you least expect it. Smile

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Well, having you ladies to talk to helps keep me positive. Smile I am starting to get a little emotional. I am just ready to meet her now!

I know she'll come out when she's done baking.