Still no FB Announcement

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Still no FB Announcement

We've told all family and close friends, but I can't believe that I have kept a secret for this long!! We plan on telling the whole FB community on Tuesday when we go for my U/S. Its awesome that my friends/fam haven't said anything to give it away! I've been so excited to tell people, but its also so fun to have a secret! On Tuesday I will have to add you ladies!
4 days, 21hrs and 30mins!! lol No I'm not excited at all!

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That is exciting! You have some amazing people to be able to keep a secret this long! I am sure you will get some great reactions!!

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Haha it's hard to keep secret! I'm still keeping it a secret from my coworkers except the two that have figured it out. It will feel good to let it out I'm sure! Counting down with you as my big scan is on Wednesday!

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Wow... that's pretty good! Can't wait to hear how your appt goes. After your appt, maybe, you could start a facebook thread on here. I need to add the ladies too!

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I, too, have not mentioned anything on FB, and have been lucky enough that my close friends and family have been very discreet about writing on my wall regarding it. I'm thinking of finally announcing it soon...but I agree, it's fun to have a secret!

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I only told people about a week ago on FB when we got the results of our gender scan... I kinda liked waiting that long Smile

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I can't even wait for your U/S!