Stomach flu-possibly tmi

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Stomach flu-possibly tmi

Oh this just isnt fair! Almost 8 months along and I get the stomach flu! This is my first time out of bed in two days and all I have eaten is a handful of saltines and a couple cans of Sprite. I think this is an all time physical low for me. I spent the night before last puking:puke2: and having diarrhea(at the same time) and in between time sleeping on the floor in the bathroom. Now my body is sore from head to toe from the violent vomiting. My back is ruined from sleeping on the floor. My head feels like it is going to explode and my throat is burnt from choking up stomach acid. DH stayed home from work yesterday to take care of the kids but today I am on my own. At first I thought he was being sweet to stay home but mostly he acted like it was just a huge PITA! I halfway hope he gets sick so he can see what it is like but honestly I wouldnt wish this on anyone!
Reef was complaining of his stomach hurting so we didnt make him goto preschool. DH is so frustrated with him screaming and crying at dropoff. He acts like he feels fine but we werent sure if he was really getting sick(God forbid) or if he was just saying that to get out of going to school. I would hate to be responsible for giving this misery to the whole school!
If anyone has home remedies or any ideas how to feel better please share, especially how to soothe my thoat, it burns constantly all down between my boobs. I was finally able to keep down a few Tylenol early this morning so that has helped slightly with the muscle pain.
ps, Baby Kai seems to be moving just fine so I am not worried about him.

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Oh no! :openarms: I honestly find lipton chicken noodle soup to be the best thing for my throat when I've been throwing up, coupled with tums. With your dr's approval, gravol can work wonders allowing you to keep things down long enough to stay hydrated. Hope Reef isn't getting sick as well, and you feel better soon. If you have a chiro, they can really help your back.

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Oh you poor thing! I can't even imagine being sick on top of being preggo. I hope you feel better soon!!!

I don't have any magic remedies but I always keep elderberry capsules or liquid (you can get it at GNC or a health food store). They help to prevent viruses. They are safe for children & pregnancy. I start popping them anytime I've been exposed to anything. Too late for you but your DH could take them. If I think I'm getting something, I take 2 capsules every couple of hours... you can't overdose on them. The only contraindication is if you happen to be allergic to the actual elderberry plant (which is very rare).

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Ugh, sounds terrible! I had the same thing at the end of my second and third pregnancy. I also had it at around 17 weeks with this one. Unfortunately the only thing that really seems to work to "get better" is simply the passing of time! It eventually runs its course. That said, as soon as I was able to keep anything down I would drink Gatorade and eat toast. I really hope the rest of you don't end up with it. This past time when I got it, it went through ALL of us, one right after the other... except my littlest one who is still nursing, so I think she had some immunity as a result of that.

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Oh no! I'm so sorry you're sick. Sad I don't really have any home remedies, but I do remember when I had the stomach flu when I was pregnant with DS, I called my doctor and she prescribed me a suppository that worked wonders for the vomiting. Also the most important thing is to stay hydrated so drink plenty of fluids. As for the sore throat, I would drink a cup of hot tea with lemon. Hope you feel better soon!

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Poor thing!!! Best thing is to keep hydrated, gatorade.. Dr. can prescribe suppositories or zofran to help you battle the nausea but it should be about over. The BRAT diet helps with the diarrhea. Bread, rice, applesauce, and toast. Saltines and anything to help absorb some of the water in your gut will help. As for the throat, warm tea sounded like a good idea, but I just pop tums every night to help with all the acid in my throat. I am sure the worst is over but hang in there!!! We're all thinking of you

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I had a terribly flu at around 15 weeks. The only thing I could keep down was tiny amounts of PLAIN oatmeal. No milk. No sugar. It helped to staunch the acid.

Feel better soon Mamma!!!!

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I had norovirus at 8 months-ish with DD. Ugh. I'm thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon.

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I'm so sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better soon!

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How are you feeling now?