stubborn dr.'s office

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stubborn dr.'s office

Well I'm crossing my fingers that the "office manager" is actually at work today and will call me back. Yesterday, I called again to say, I'll just pay cash just schedule a routine visit and we'll deal with the cost of the u/s if I still don't have medical coverage. The lady asked if I had my first u/s yet, and I told her that my dr in Illinois didn't do an early one, so I had all the blood work and pap smear but just needed a routine visit to hear the hb. She said she couldn't authorize that without me talking to the office manager since the 2nd visit is usually with a u/ really? Why would I pay for a u/s or even have an insurance company pay for a u/s when I'm going to have one in a few weeks anyway. This is why the cost of carying insurance is so high. Dr.'s don't make any sense. I have a feeling that if I end up paying for this baby out of pocket then there's going to be A LOT of struggles with the dr. if they try to force me into tests that I don't feel necessary. I have the right to say "no" right??? GRRRRR. We'll see what happens, but I'm so frustrated. I told DH that if they insist on the u/s then I'll just wait 2 or 3 more weeks for the appointment to have the full anatomy, measurements, etc. ::sigh:: Thanks for letting me vent. Will update if I hear anything. At least I feel little flutters and a small jab or two so I know the baby is ok.

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I would just wait; if they are going to give you that much trouble. The sad thing is you are not asking for too much. I hope you get it straightened out.

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dr.'s office update

so the office manager did call first thing this morning. It's always helpful to talk to the right person. I have an appointment Monday and may or may not have a u/s, but since I'm in the process of qualifying for med coverage they won't make me pay unless I am denied coverage later and then I'll go back and pay the bill. She said the dr. may or may not want to go ahead and do the u/s, but since I'll be 18 weeks by that point, I'm guessing that I may actually get to find out what we're having!!! :jumpingbeans:
We'll see how it all goes, but now I'm actually getting excited.

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Glad that was worked out. My first instinct when I read your original was... shouldn't an U/S be the dr's decision not the office staff's opinion?? I found out the gender at 17 weeks so maybe you will be fortunate as well. GL!

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I had hugeeee problems with my ob and insurance. I am 11 weeks and they still haven't even seen me once because of it! I feel like they don't care about my child, just my money. It's awful. I'm in your boat hahaha

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I'm glad things are looking up! BTW - we had our gender scan at 18 weeks, so I hope things work out for you. Smile

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Glad things are looking up. Here they do the anatomy scan between 18-20 weeks, so hopefully you'll have a great u/s and find out Smile

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Glad things worked out! Hope you get to find out if you're having a boy or girl!

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