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We've been working on seeing if Gillian can fall asleep on her own, and last night she fell asleep in her bassinet no fussing, just my hand on her tummy. Admitedly she only stayed asleep the 45 minutes that is her norm if she's not touching me, but it's a start! Anyone else having success not always nursing/rocking to sleep? (We still do lots of these as well)

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I'm envious. David has only done that on a few brief occasions when he was just exhausted or in the middle of the night. I'm just happy to get him to sleep at all, so needless to say, I'm just green right now! Blum 3

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I got sick of having my finger in his mouth to get him to sleep at night so gave in and gave Callan a pacifier. He now goes to sleep no problems, at the minute we are only using it at night though.

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She did it by herself a few times without my expecting it, I had put her down in a safe spot to spend time with Annabelle, looked at her in a few minutes and realized she was asleep. Annabelle on the other hand ... needed to be nursed to sleep for almost every single nap and bedtime for her first year, and is actually back to falling asleep on daddy's lap for bedtime. I don't believe in crying it out, even at Annabelles age, so I'm just working on her having sleep associations other than nursing or being held.

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success for morning nap, but it took laying him down in his crib while sleepy and rubbing his head. He'd fall asleep then wake up 1 minute later and repeat for about an hour. near the end of the hour he needed the paci, but he just can't seem to keep the thing in his mouth if he stops sucking for a minute, so he never uses it long. At this point with Abby I was back to work, so all I had to work on was night time routine. Staying at home is an awesome gift, but it's way more work than people realize.

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"L.Miller" wrote:

At this point with Abby I was back to work, so all I had to work on was night time routine. Staying at home is an awesome gift, but it's way more work than people realize.

You are so right there. As much as I cherish and am gratefull for every day at home with my girls, I have never worked this hard in my life. I've also never loved what I do everyday so much.

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Lucky! I still cannot get Sophia to sleep without either bouncing her in my arms or nursing her. Once she goes to sleep at night though, she stays asleep. I have to nurse her for about a hour each night starting at 9 PM. She's asleep by 10 PM and doesn't wake up until about 7 AM. I cannot get her to take a paci though and it drives me crazy. LOL! She prefers her mommy over the paci.

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After having a very touchy feel-y first LO, I thought for sure my 2nd would be the same. DD1 had to be nursed, rocked or some other type of movement (car rides when desperate!!) to put her to sleep. And still at 2 yrs old, when we are desperate, we take her for a car ride! DD2 is a different story. From day 1, I have been able to put her in her rocker or bassinet and she falls asleep on her own!!! As long as she is fed, changed (she doesn't like poopy diapers) and doesn't have gas, which can take an hour at a time to complete sometimes, she falls asleep on her own Smile :) So it's a happy medium. When she sleeps more than 3 hours, it will be amazing!

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For the life of me I have never been good at putting my babies to sleep haha! The only weapon I have is nursing. Both my boys needed to nurse to sleep and DD wouldn't sleep while I held her at all. Even after nursing. She needed to be laying down in her crib to sleep. But the catch was she had to see me, if she opened her eyes and I wasn't there she'd scream!

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I know I lucked out with Gillian being such a good self soother ... even in the hospital, during the heel prick for the metabolic screening, she just found her thumb and sucked, no crying.

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Sounds like she's making a lot of progress!