suddenly feeling the weight

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suddenly feeling the weight

this has been my easiest pregnancy so far, thank god! I was so in shape from walking everywhere (not having a car) that I've never been so small! I barely had any reflux (which I always get from the beginning) and for the most part I've had enough energy and patience even to handle all the kids being home for the past month in the excruciating heat!

until yesterday... suddenly I'm feeling unwieldy, can't sleep comfortably, horrible acid reflux set in after I put anything in my mouth, BH are morphing into just a bit more than BH with some of them actually making me have to stop and breath and swing my hips, and my patience factor was a big fat ZERO!

Today I asked DH to come home after being at work for only half an hour. there was just no way I could go through today. Thank god he was able to come home as work was light today (last day of ramadan, a lot of the harvesters are druzi, so they weren't working today, therefor no grapes) I don't know what I'll do if I have another day like this when they're actually receiving grapes and making wine!

I feel better after resting today, but I'm still having those ctrx at least once or twice an hour... hopefully we'll have an early bedtime for the kids, and I'll take a hot shower, next week will be easier when everyone starts school...

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Wow! I'm glad your DH was able to come home! I hope the contractions peter out and you start feeling more comfortable!!!

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Each additional pregnancy really takes a toll... especially when you are already taking care of little ones!! I'm pregnant with my 6th and this is the first pregnancy I've completely HATED. I feel like my body is betraying me in everyway and now I'm completely inactive and laying in bed or in the chair in the livingroom. Thankfully there's an end in sight for all of us!!

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Thanks Sally, yeah, we'll see how I do with #6... I'm sorry for whining, I feel so whiny in this post, like I have to tell myself what I tell my kids, "I don't understand you when you whine." But gosh-darn-it, I'm feeling icky!

Speaking of wine... i had a glass just now hoping it would calm things down. I think it did a little, but I still had 2 ctrx while I was sitting here. I really hope I get some sleep tonight!

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I can understand how you're feeling! I hope tomorrow is a better day, and that your discomfort passes.

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Phew....hope things just relax for you a wee bit. Hugs!

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So good that your husband was able to come home and help out. Hopefully things settle down quickly.

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I'm so glad your hubby was able to come home and help out! Hopefully things calm back down for you! Take it easy mama!