Super dry skin.

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Super dry skin.

So just in the last 2 to 3 days. My skin has been sooooooooo dry, flakey and horrible just on my arms and legs. Now I always suffer with dryish skin but nothing like this. I am seriously applying lotion all day and within 30mins it is flakey again, nasty lol Haven't changed washing powder or soap in the shower or anything. Hoping it clears up soon it is driving me nuts.

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Im sorry its gotten so bad, I would try a nice oatmeal bath.

I normally have horribly dry skin in the winter, especially my scalp.

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Ugh, I'd call your doctor and see if s/he could prescribe a stronger, safe lotion over the phone that might let you go a bit longer than 30 minutes.

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No fun, I hope you can find a remedy.

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I always have really dry skin, so early on I switched to Palmer's Cocoa Butter. It seems to do the trick since it starts off a bit oily. I hope you can get some relief.

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I hope you get some relief soon, my personal favorite is body shops cocoa nut body butter.

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I hope you can find something that helps! Have you tried Eucerin? The kind in the big tub is pretty hardcore :).