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Sophia is almost 2 months old, but is that too young for teething? She's been extra fussy today, chewing on her hands, and drooling. We're just now recovering from the reflux issue. I sure hope she's not teething now!!

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I was just thinking the same of Alli today and she's just 6 weeks old. She LOVES her soothie binky anyway but today she has been chewing on it almost as much as sucking on it.

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Not too early! One of my nephews was born teething, and I can see the tooth buds for the bottom front inscisors in Gillian's mouth.

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My mom said that I started teething at 2 months. This baby girl is taking after her mama. I had really bad colic, reflux, and teethed early. LOL!

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It's possible Smile Conor has been drooling a lot, too >.>

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Some kids do teeth that early. I remember with my first 2 anytime they would seem drooly and fussy I would think maybe they were teething, BUT they never were! Mine tend to be late teethers.

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It's very possible. But they can start drooling a few months before teeth actually pop out.