Thanksgiving Plans?

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Thanksgiving Plans?

What are you all doing for Thanksgiving? We are having Thanksgiving at our house with both our familes. So that's about 30 people! :eek: DH is frying a 10 lb turkey, I'm roasting a huge turkey (about 28 lbs.) and cooking mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, Monkey Bread, and Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding (best pudding in the world)!!! I sure hope I can manage it all with a 2 month old. This will be the first time any of DH's extended family gets to meet Sophia. I know she is going to be passed around all day like a hot potato. Ugh!! I can already tell it's going to be a long day!! I'm very selfish when it comes to other people handling my kids. LOL! I'm going to have to bite my tongue I'm sure.

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Im working 6-2.....time and a half though soooo....and we are only allowed one holiday off. I asked for Christmas vs Thanksgiving this yr since my big kids were with their dad last yr and are home this yr for Christmas. I dont care about working New Yrs Day so I never ask for that one off...time and a half also. Anyway we have family coming to my moms...She gets to try to cook while watching my brother is spending the night to help her.

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As it is not a holiday here but DH is American we normally celebrate on the Sat after and invite friends over. But this year we are going to London for the day Sat to see Santa at Harrods with my sister and her family. So not really doing anything. DH will be at work, girls at school and Pre- school and Callan and I have our 6 week check ups.

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We are staying home this year, just us. We typically drive an hour north to stay at some cabins by the beach but we thought that would be too much with little Kai this year. I am so glad we did because we have all been sick and I would hate to go stay overnight somewhere right now. Have a great holiday everyone!
We are going into town Sat to see Santa and pick out our Christmas tree!

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Another small thanksgiving for us. We do usually try to have friends over if we aren't in Georgia, but this year everyone has somewhere to go. Picked up just a 10 lb turkey. DH will smoke it and I will make all the traditional sides and a pecan pie.

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Just our little family this year!! Both my Dh and I have family that live several states away. I'm cooking a stuffed 16 lb turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potato biscuits, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin and pecan pie from scratch! Smile

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Jennifer- that's alot of people! Good luck with that!

We are staying home and having my SO's dad and wife over. It will be a quiet Thanksgiving which I like. We are having a Thanksgiving lunch at work today, so I will be going up with Nicholas and me and my SO will have lunch together. Then we will be taking all the leftovers and making it for dinner tomorrow so we don't have to cook again. I might make a few more sides, but that's it. I will let family entertain the kids while I relax! Can't wait!

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We've done Thanksgiving at our house the last 4 years since DH's grandmother passed away. It's stressful, but I love that I can spend it with both families. Have to rush home after work to start the brine on my turkey. Ugh!! I am so behind!

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We usually travel for Thanksgiving. This year, however, it's JUST us! I'm only cooking a pie - I've ordered the rest of the big dinner.. my DH's idea!

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We're going down to my parent's and having my inlaws go over there too. I usually make dinner but I'm taking this year off :).