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Thursday QOTD

Do you have LOs going to school yet? Has the school year started? Would you ever consider homeschooling your LO?

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No LOs in school yet. Our school district started back yesterday. I am considering the homeschooling option but I am nowhere near a decision either way. There's a great homeschooling group near me if I choose that direction. Smile

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My daughter goes to daycare, which we call school, but she's not old enough for Kindergarten yet. Schools here are back in session, and I am a full time teacher. DD will not be home schooled! I have too much invested in the school system.

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One in primary school and one in pre-school. We have holidays later here and they are shorter. They go back Sept 6th. I would consider home schooling if the local schools were not good enough.

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My boys start school in September. I absolutely would NEVER consider home schooling. I give my kids the best of both worlds... great education/friends/socializing at school and after school we do stuff together... outside fun/cooking/travelling/etc.

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I am a teacher but worked in childcare when Abby was born so she went to "school" until we moved in April. She's going to start Tuesday twice a week (T/TH) at the school for preschool/pre-k. Mainly for socialization and to stay in the habbit of going to school. She's way beyond what they'll be learning, but we butt heads a lot when I try teaching her, so it works out better. If we lived in Georgia, I would have seriously considerered homeschooling. The school sysmtem there is pretty rough - I should know, I taught art in it and would not want Abby going to many of the public schools there. However, we live in an amazing community, so she'll go to public school. The older kids start today while preschool starts next week.

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Not in school yet. When the time comes, she will definetly be in public school. They start here sept. 1.

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Fiona starts TODAY! I'm freaking out a little...haha. She'll go Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-11:45. I would LOVE to homeschool, but a combination of my procrastination and Fiona not willing to learn from me means she has to actually go to school.

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DS starts Kindergarten on Monday. Sad I am so not ready for it at all!! I would never consider homeschooling because #1, I work and #2, I want my children to have the same experience DH and I had in public schools. DS is going to the same elementary, junior high, and high school as I did so I know they are great schools! If the public schools here were bad then I would consider private school.

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Schools here started back the 15th. Seems so early. DS's daycare goes through kindergarden too so it has been crazy this week. I would say he's not in actual school yet but they teach him so much. He already knows his abc's and 123's. I could never home school because I don't think he would ever listen to me. I am a push over.

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Julian should of started Kindergarten at the beginning of the month but we decided to hold him back for a year. He would of been the youngest kid in the class and he is short for his age. I think it will be better for him to do another year of pre-K. I just have to find a school that we can send him to.

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Nope, not yet...just a "preschool ready" daycare. OMG just thinking of the day my little man has to go to school makes me want to ball my eyes out!! *Sniff sniff*

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Yup, school started on the 8th and he is in 2nd grade Smile

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Nope DS still has 2 more years. He'll be four when he goes but he's been attending a program here called Strong Start for a year & a half. It's held in school & it's designed like pre-school/kindergarten but you must stay with them. It's half days & attendance is voluntary. They just started having kindergarten be all day/five das a week here. Seems really long for littles if you ask me but...?

No homeschooling here. I'm sure there are children for whom this is the best option however I think the socialization aspect of school is just too important.

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"abh413" wrote:

Do you have LOs going to school yet? Has the school year started? Would you ever consider homeschooling your LO?

S isn't in school yet Smile She goes to day care sometimes, but it's just hourly drop in, so if I've got a doc appointment or something I'll put her in, and since we're living in the hotel I'm trying to put her in twice a week for a few hours just to get her out of the house and around other kids (since we don't know any other kids around here really).

She will start K-4 next year, but we're having to put her into a privately run one because she doesn't meet the qualifications to go to the preschool classes in the public schools in our district. The one we're looking at has a day care for 3 year olds too, so I'm thinking about starting her at the beginning of the year next year on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then she'll move into Pre-K at that facility, then do kindergarten at the public school we're zoned for the year after that. Or if we LOVE the privately run facility, we might keep her there because they have kindergarten classes too. OR we might put her into the preschool program on base at Campbell. I guess we're still weighing all of our options lol

The school year HAS started around here tho.

I always said I would never homeschool my kids. Then we lived in Hawaii and I saw how crappy the school systems there were and I said that if S were in school in Hawaii, I'd have home schooled her, especially in the early grades. So, I would *prefer* traditional school (prefer public school, would do private school if public weren't an option) and home schooling would be a last resort, like if private school was too expensive (as it would have been in HI).

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First time Mom

I'll be a Mom for the first time so I don't have any little ones in school. My husband is a graduate student and I'm a professor at a different institution, so we have already gone back to school. In regards to homeschooling, I would really, really, really, really need to be unhappy with a public school to go the private or homeschooling route. I believe in the idea of public education, and I feel obligated to support it to the best of my ability. That being said, some issues could make me consider homeschooling.

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We're happy homeschoolers here! Smile My oldest is technically "second grade" this year, and then my next two are both "pre-schoolers."

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Never in a million yrs would I homeschool.........I LOVE my kids to death but I can barely make it through the 2 or so hours of helping everyone with homework without wanting to poke my eyes out with a screw driver.

School starts here next Mon..........and from readind most of the posts I guess I have the oldest kiddos??? Kodey and Kaleb are in 7th grade (2nd yr of Jr High), Cameron is in 5th, Cheyann is in 2nd, and Cole starts all day Pre-K this yr.

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Never in a million yrs would I homeschool.........I LOVE my kids to death but I can barely make it through the 2 or so hours of helping everyone with homework without wanting to poke my eyes out with a screw driver.


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I would love to homeschool! I don't think anyone can teach a child better than that child's mother :). I love the idea of a child's morals and values coming from their family rather than the public school system. I taught elementary school before I had babies so it just feels natural to me to want to homeschool them. Plus my master's is in cross cultural education, and my children just happen to be bicultural lol.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to homeschool, unless we win the lottery :p. I have to go back to work once my kids are school age. Where we live it's incredibly difficult to get by with one income. We live in a small apt out in the backwoods just to make ends meet and we want better for them eventually. Right now they don't care where we live or anything, they just care I'm there with them 24/7.

All that said homeschooling is definitely NOT for everyone! My aunt home schooled her 6 kids and let's just say it didn't go well. A few of them are almost completely illiterate, if they didn't learn by themselves, they didn't learn. A parent has to be extremely dedicated to doing it.

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No DD isn't in school yet. Next year she will be though.

I wouldn't consider homeschooling either.

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Reef, my almost 4 yrold will start a Montessori preschool 2 days after Labor Day. It is first year but I think it will be really good for him. And good for me with baby coming soon. I am excited because he will know 12 out of the 16 kids in his class. Many of the kids from our Friday playgroup are going to his school so that will be neat.
My plan is to have each of my kids goto the Montessori for a year of preschool and Kindergarten then come home to be homeschooled. Our schools here are pretty bad with really large classes and very little resources. However, we have a large homeschooling community here so I am not worried about them being socialized. Not to mention that they will have each other for company. I am hopeful that they will still be able to take advantage of the extra curricular stuff at the public schools here like sports and music programs. I volunteer with an Oregon based advocacy group for public schools called "Stand for Children" but I just dont feel comfortable putting my kids into the system. If it gets better I might later on. I feel like even if we homeschool we would still be supporting our public schools. The program we will use will follow the public format and my kids will get counted in the numbers of children for our district which determines how much funding they get but, my kids wont be taking anything from the system unless they do the extracurriculars.

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Well he's not so little anymore lol. He starts 12th grade this year. Dh and I have talked about homeschooling the little ones we have but i'm not to sure yet, I think I will start looking into it starting next summer for DD2, I agree homeschooling is not for everyone and I plan on talking to some ladies from church that homeschool. The school district that we live in is not good at all but Michigan has a school of choice program so they wouldnt have to go to school where we live if we decide not to homeschool