Thursday QOTD

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Thursday QOTD

How important are holidays in your household? Do you decorate (table, mantel, door, etc)? Do you bake any special treats or make crafts? For example (in the US), our next "big" holidays are Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas.

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I want to be the mom that has some decorations up for all of the "big" holidays. I'm just not that person yet. I used to do a much better job prior to DD. In my ideal, I will decorate a bit... nothing too overboard except for Christmas. We will make crafts & I will bake yummy treats that go with the season... & then I wake up! ROFL

For Halloween this year, I'm setting the bar low. If I can just get DH to carve a pumpkin with DD, I will feel successful. I have a door wreath/hanging & a garden flag for most "big" holidays so that should be doable.

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For now we just do crafts and such. But when I become a FT SAHM I'm hoping to raise the bar a Lil...hopefully my plans pan out lol. For some reason I can see the vision but somewhere along the lines I lose momentum as well.

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I'm a go for it kind of person! We don't do much decoration for Thanksgiving (just a fall wreath and garden flag, maybe a candle or something), but I do Halloween and Christmas both inside and out. For Halloween, I have a wreath with Halloween decoration, a garden flag, a door decoration, the pumpkins (which *I* carve), front porch decor, and several indoor decorations as well. For Christmas, I do just about everything, the most important of which being the porch decorations, the lights, and the tree of course! I love the holidays. We'll have to see how much time I have this year to do that stuff!

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Fall is my favorite time of year. I wish I had stuff to decorate with this year, but with all the moves, those little things get left behind or given away. So no decorating this year b/c any extra money will go towards the baby. I will probably do some fun crafts and baking with Abby. Caramel Apples are a must.

I will make sure to get the house decorated for Christmas. Tree, some lights outside, wreaths on the the doors, etc....that's the plan at least.

When I had a classroom, I went all out for all the Fall holidays, so I'm sad I won't be hanging things from ceilings and decorating bulletin boards this year.

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I've always wanted to be the kinda mom that almost went to the point of over decorating! I love going into those houses where it's decked out for the holidays. I think it's because my mom always did it, and I loved it. I always said when I have kids I will...kinda been slacking with ds, but now I have to turn it up!

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Don't really decorate at all. We usually don't even have a Christmas tree, although hopefully we'll fix that habit soon.

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Some years we have decorated the whole house but since we have moved 2x we have sold most of the decorations. Smile I should go and try to find what we do have.

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I love the Holidays. Although people here do not go all out like they do in the US and Canada. We always go TOT and put a few things up and carve pumpkins. As my DH is American we always do Thanksgiving he does all the cooking, my job is to keep the kids out of the way. Then every year we invite different friends to come over and share it with us. Can't really find t-day decorations here. The girls have some books and we have made turkey or pilgrim hat cookies to take into school etc...
We decorate for Christmas again not to North American standards, when we moved back here I had to leave a lot of my stuff there. But I do try Smile Cannot wait to move back to rebuild my stash lol

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I go all out for Christmas, but as far as Halloween and Thanksgiving goes, I do more of a Fall/ Harvest theme on the house and decorate for that instead of decorating separately. DD and I do carve pumpkins though and put them on our front porch...I try to do one of those fancy ones from the Martha Stewart website. I would love to do more, but not sure if I would have the time this year to do it

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We don't do much now ... but probably will when the kids are a bit older. We have a blow up penguin thing my MIL got us 2 years ago we put out front for Christmas and we do the Christmas tree. We're such huge procrastinators that it's almost not worth it to decorate for everything. Though Halloween is our favorite. Wink Last year we let Fiona paint a pumpkin, this year we'll carve a few and maybe paint one too.
I bake a good bit around Christmas too. That's about it though...;)

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We do decorate. DH would never do much before kids but now he is all gung-hoh! Cant wait till Thanksgiving this year, the pg and my husbands big test will be done and we can just enjoy our family. Right now things are super stressful so Thanksgiving is what I am looking forward to most! We usually go stay in a cabin somewhere for TGiving and dont see our extended family so it is also a lot more relaxing than Christmas(when we see everyone within a 200 mile radius).

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I try to go all out for all the holiday's. I cook family dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love to decorate. Heck, I'm already preplanning our Halloween costumes. It's a fun thing for me to do and I absolutely enjoy it!

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Holidays are really important to us. We don't really decorate for Halloween, except a few carved pumpkins. I always do the super intricate fancy designs though :). For Thanksgiving I go all out and do dinner and everything but we don't really decorate more than fall colored table settings and kitchen stuff. Christmas time we do lights outside, but that's really it for outside since we live in an apartment and don't have a yard. Inside we do quite a bit, a tree and decorations everywhere and of course I try to always have something baking in the oven! And soup going....:p My son is all about soup, so when it's winter time I try to always have some home-made soup around. DH is the same way, that's probably why DS is so enthusiastic about it hehe.