Thursday QOTD

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Thursday QOTD

What are you most nervous or anxious about with having this LO?

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The only thing that I'm anxious about this time, is simply seeing that he's healthy!! I am so excited to meet this little guy, and I know he will fit in great with our family, I just want to see that he's healthy. Smile

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I'm a bit anxious out health, too.. but also how my DD will react!

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Just anxious about the timing of his birth. I feel like I've said it a millions times, but we live 40 miles from the hospital and harvest is just beginning. They'll be in full swing in about 1 -2 weeks and I'll be alone A LOT. Also hope that I go right up to my due date b/c of the timing of my parents flying in.

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I am not at all worried about the labor, I'l one of the weird ones who really looks forward to it, pain and all! the only thing that I am anxious about is breastfeeding. I just want it to work so bad that I know I'll be destroyed if there are any hang ups, which there shouldnt be, there are enough helpful people around to give me support.

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also, my Mom is flying up from Florida and it would be super awesome if her arrival was timed with the babys so that she could manage the boys during the day rather then my inlaws who live over an hour away.

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Everything, it is becoming so real.

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Just that I am absolutely terrified that I may have to have a c=section. I am still hoping to talk my OB into some sort of induction even though I've had a section before. I was induced with Cole 2 weeks past his due date and everything went perfectly. Thats it really.......maybe the fact that Kaleb has an "away" game (about 45 min away) the DAY AFTER my due date and I don;t want to miss it but am afraid I may go into labor AT the game if she isn't already here..

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Does being nervous about DH actually being there for the delivery count? If so, then thats it! Hes in the police academy and he is in his final testing for the next couple of weeks to be an "official" cop. So of course they r trying to give him a hard time about leaving the testing if I go into labor Sad I just pray that it all happens this weekend or next bc I will b induced on the 5th...with or without DH :confused:

Other than that...Im not nervous at all. Ive even come to terms with sharing my love bw DD and baby.

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Oh just about a million things. Hahaha....

The entire situation is completely out of my realm of research/education or even understanding. I think my biggest issue is the fact that I have to have an OB present (my primary is a MW) and I likely won't have met the OB. Boooo!

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The actual process of giving birth. It went so nicely with DD, I'm afraid I might not get so lucky twice.

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I'm so nervous that I will miss the signs of this LO being in distress. With my low fluid its all I can think about! They told me to call immediately if her movement decreases, so I have been driving myself nuts with just trying to feel her.

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My mood seems to change by the minute. One minute- no anxiety, just excitement, next minute--- pure fear of the unknown. Just not sure what I'm in for, but know it'll all be worth it in the end.

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My DH will still be studying for his big engineering test until Oct 29th so even during the 2 weeks that he is off for mat leave. I am anxious that between that and helping me juggle our 2 older boys that he wont have time to really bond with baby Kai.
I am nervous about the birth and that I will get the same aweful OB doc that I had with DS2. That is one reason I am thinking about being induced, I want MY doctor!
I am nervous that my SIL, my rock during labor wont be able to make it.
I am scared of a c-section, not sure why, havent had one before but dont want one either.
I am worried that the hemmoroid I have gotten during this pg will be really painful during birth or that it will make it so bad that it wont go away after birth.

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I'm nervous about dd's reaction, she's been getting extra clingy the last little bit, even with all the attention she's getting. I'm also nervous about even the remote possibility of a c-section, but mostly having to recover with nothing stronger than tylenol or advil.

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I'm mostly worried about if the baby is healthy...I'm anxious about the pain (only because DD's birth was extremely painful and to top it off, bowl movements for the following 8 months were beyond painful as well)

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I'm nervous that things will go so badly that I'll have to have general anesthesia and end up in a coma or dying Sad I'm being induced so I can have an early epidural but this really worries me. I wasn't told last time how bad my enzyme deficiency was Sad I have yo havefaith in my dr and the specialist (who say thT I'll be so monitored and that they'll have all the special drugs on hand that I have nothing to worry about)

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I'm most nervous about another repeat C/S. I didn't have a ton of pain or a difficult recovery or anything. For me it's having to rely on people and being helpless, I'm supposed to be the one to do everything and take care of others. I can't stand help, or having someone even THINK I can't do something myself. If my baby cries I cant tolerate needing someone to get him for me or when my older kids cry or need me I can't stand the thought of not being able to pick them up to comfort them. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. I just cant imagine something more claustrophobic than having to get someone to help me take care of my kids rather than doing it myself. I know I'm nuts in this, but I am just not the type to need help, I'm supposed to be the first on to jump up and help others!

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