timable contractions

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timable contractions

(been gone for 2 weeks, so im miss chatty today Lol

During my sonogram last week the head sonographer pointed out to the student techs that I was having contractions, they were watching the swelling on the screen (so cool to see)

I could feel the pain, but assumed it was the awful table they make you lie on, but once she said it was contractions, I knew for sure! Well, they lasted on and off nearly all afternoon, so I took it easy the rest of the day.

This past saturday we went to the fireworks and we walked home (maybe 1/8 mile) and the whole walk home was contractions, which continued till about 1-2am, very very strong ones! At first they were about 7 minutes apart, but spread out to 15, then 30.

my gut tells me this baby will come early, but of course these could be doing nothing at all and baby could be late Smile

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I've been having a ton of them too. I had tons of BHs with my first 2 and no real contractions until much later. This time there's no question some of them are real, they hurt!