Today was my due date

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Today was my due date

but instead I have an 18 day old!

Crazy how things go, and I do wish I could have made it full term. I went 5 days over with DS and so I expected to at least go to my due date with this one, but you all know what happened to that plan.

I am finally feeling better physically, took forever to heal, understandably. He is doing great, sleeps great, eats great, is generally just a very happy baby so far.

He finally has fingernails and eyelashes lol! It is interesting to see the little signs of him not being completely matured finally maturing to where they should be.

He literally looks like a clone of DS1 when he was a baby. The only difference is their size. DS1 was 12lbs at a month, there is no way this one will catch up that quick hehe!

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Good to hear that you're feeling good and that baby is doing so well!

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I'm so glad you're feeling better!!! My dd was suppose to be tomorrow, and instead my LO will be 2 weeks old! Smile Interesting about the finger nails and eye lashes. That was one of the first things I checked after my little guy came out so small (all 5 pounds 6 ounces of him). Well, his finger nails were so long they needed to be cut, and his lashes were nice and long. So, he was fully cooked (as much as he wanted to be anyway), just tiny. Anyway, sounds like your LO is doing well!!

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Yeah his lack of nails and lashes were one of the only physical signs he was definitely early. They finally started being more normal at 13/14 days old.

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My DD was born at 41 weeks and I had my DS1 at 39 (38 by my dates) weeks and I swore there was a difference. My DD was so much more alert and was such a good nurser, DS was sleepier and just seemed so new. He stayed scrunched up while DD sprawled out right away. And yep her nails were super long and had tons of lashes, DSs lashes took time coming in and didn't have long nails. People thought I was crazy thinking this so I'm glad you noticed this too :).

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I was thinking about you yesterday on our due date... glad you're feeling better hon!

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It's crazy how babies develop at different rates. DS was born at 34 weeks breathing on his own and had a ton of hair, long eyelashes, and fingernails. He was just ready! Yet, a friend of mine had her baby at 36 weeks and she had issues with lung development. Glad to hear you are recovering well!

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You and I are the same in the fact that we both fully expected to go to our due dates. I'm so glad that you are feeling better. Crazy how we think one thing and our bodies and babies end up doing something totally different. I'm having a hard time remembering his birthdate because of the difference from the due date that I've been saying for the past 9 months.