Today's Appointment

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Today's Appointment

Saw my regular OB today. Such a better appointment than on Friday. BP was slightly elevated today 133/89, weight is the same as last Monday, urine showed trace of blood. Baby sounded great. Heart beat 145. Dr checked me and said that I was very close to a 3. She said baby has definitely dropped and I am continuing to thin out. Did not say a percentage. Swelling is still pretty bad. I have a follow up appointment on Thursday and if no major change she will schedule my induction on 10/13. She is on call that day so I was excited she suggested that date. She did say that if my cervix changes that we may have to move the date up.

Both of my girls were born 10 days early so that would actually be this Sunday. The same dr is also on call this weekend. I am hoping I either go this weekend or I can make it until next Thursday. Ten more days at the most until I get to hold my little man. I am so excited!

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Fantastic news! We are all one day closer to meeting our LO!

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Glad your appt. went well!!!

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Great news!

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Sounds like a great appointment! Crossing my fingers that it works out for you to have your OB.

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Great appointment!! 10/13 sounds like a great day Smile

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Smile Sounds good!

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:woohoo: That sounds great!