Totspot light... be able to see your baby in the dark!

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Totspot light... be able to see your baby in the dark!

I just wanted to pass this on to anyone looking for a little light for easy diaper/nursing sessions during the night. I know it's a real pain at 3am to turn on lights and really wake up yourself, baby and hubby. I found this little light at a local store and it's GREAT! You can clip it on to your nightgown so you can make sure your baby is okay, you have a good latch for nursing, etc. You can also order them online here... It makes quite a bit of light and is TINY!

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Sounds like a great product! I'm going to have to get one of those. I ended up getting one of those motion sensor lights that comes on when you walk in the room so it was just like a really bright nightlight. Worked great with DS, but I'd always forget about it and that dang light would scare me to death walking into his room for a 3am diaper change. LOL!

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Thanks for posting this... I was just looking for something like this. I will add this to my "need to buy" list. Smile

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thanks for the info! I hadnt thought about this, but I need one!

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Thanks for sharing this! It really was a pain for feedings and such to have to turn the BDRM light on to see what I was doing and this will come in sooo handy! Thanks again!