Transition from Breast to Bottle?!?!

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Transition from Breast to Bottle?!?!

So I have exclusively BF Kendra up until now, 4 months. I have a derby to go to this weekend and I will have someone watch her for about 5 hours. I tried a bottle yesterday with breast milk and it seems she is having difficulties with the nipple. Any suggestions on what worked for you?? I used to drop in style bottle. I have a week to get her ready for this... I am so nervous to leave her this long!!

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I started Conor on the bottle the day he was born since I am a low breast milk producer (he breastfeeds and does the bottle). My one suggestion would be to try several different types of bottles and nipples. Conor likes Avent and Medela. It looks like you'll only be away from her for a few hours, so hopefully she'll only need to do the bottle once. Good luck!

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We use the Dr. Brown's wide neck bottles and nipples in one of the lowest levels (newborn? level 1?). They are supposed to be more like the breast. Sarah didn't know what to think about the bottle at first, but she got the hang of it. Maybe just offer her the bottle another time or two before you go. Good luck!

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We use the Avent bottle stage 1 nipple and he is breastfed. I notice that he doesnt eat much for other people so dont be surprised if she doesnt eat very much and wants to nurse a ton when you get home. Don't worry.. it wont harm her for one night.If she is hungry she will eat.

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I used avent with DD and with Kessler I've been using the Breast Flow bottles for the few times I've needed to give him a bottle.
He does pretty well with those.

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I've been there. DD wouldn't take a bottle either. One time we were moving and so I dropped her off at my moms with a bottle, even though she had never taken one before in her life (not that I hadn't tried, she just refused). I was gone about 6 hours and she was fine. She didn't eat! But she was fine hehe. I figured if she was genuinely hungry she'd take the bottle but she's stubborn like that. The only thing I can think would make a difference is if it's a wide mouth nurser or a regular skinny nipple.

I haven't tried a bottle yet with Caleb, I should probably go buy a bottle and pump parts!

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I have to work regular hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so we give David Tommy Tippee bottles. It's supposed to replicate the breast pretty well. I've also heard good things about avent. We use the medium flow nipples, or it would take forever to feed him--much longer than he takes on the breast. I've read in several places that a baby may not take the bottle from her mother. She knows where the good stuff is from, and she knows its right there, so think of it from her perspective. Why in the world would she take the bottle when her favorite thing is merely inches away? The people I have read also suggest that the Mom leave the room for the first bottle feedings and have someone else feed the baby a bottle. Anyway, this is what I've heard. Let us know how it works out!

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So I did a trial run yesterday. I had an appt so I dropped Kendra off at my moms with a merely 1.5oz of breast milk *just incase*. It was Kendra's nap time and I was only gone for two hours. Welllllll... Kendra had a shorter nap then usually but was her happy self when she woke up. She also took the bottle no problem!! My mom said she downed the 1.5 oz in about 2 minutes!!! Haha! And was a happy baby until I returned! .....this is such a sigh of relief because I was getting nervous leaving her, turns out I was be gone from like 8am - a work day. Thankfully she only eats 2-3 times in that time period with about 3 naps...and I've learned if I skip a feeding on one breast, I can pump 4-6 oz! So I have about 4 - 4oz frozen bags for Saturday! Smile