Tuesday QOTD

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Tuesday QOTD

Where will your LO sleep? (Bassinet in your room, cosleep, crib in their nursery, etc)

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DS will be in a bassinet beside my side of the bed for about 6 mo. After that, I have no idea. I'm secretly hoping DH will win the lottery before that time comes... so all our problems can be solved. ROFL

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This LO will be in a bassinet in my room until Income Tax time next yr (so Marchish) unless I get a crib from one of the girls I work with. Still waiting for her to check her storage and make sure its all still there. Then she'll be in a crib in my room until either we move out of my moms or until I decide to put Cheyann and her in my room and me move into the tiny little room DD has now.

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Both babies will share either the playard or the crib in our room for the first few months. We have to renovate the garage into a room for the babies so we'll see how long that will take.

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I would *like* to have something set up like I did with DD:

(assuming we have a 2 story house)
Bassinet downstairs- for naps when DD isn't home
Pack n play in our bedroom- for nighttime sleeping
Crib- naps during the day when DD is home and awake

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Both my kids have slept in the crib in our room for ~6 months. Plan is the same this time, then we'll move the crib in with DS1 and they'll share a room.

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My sister is bringing down her Moses basket. So baby will be in our room in that. Then when old enough will move in to crib in there own room. My last one was never in my room as there was not enough room for even a Moses basket, but her room was right next door so with doors open I could every move. As we are moving all the rooms are bigger so should be fine this time. Do need to get DD#2 a new bed as she is still in the cotbed. Again waiting until we move to buy her a big girl bed.

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so confused what to do... currently DD starts by sleeping in her cot at night but somewhere along she climbs over me and in between me and DH .... now with LO I think it will be the cot but I don't know how I will manage DD....Maybe shift both father n daughter out for a bit ...:-( to the other room....

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Our youngest (Clara) was in her crib next to our bed the first year, we just moved her into the room adjoining ours recently. We did this because we have a very cold house and we couldn't stand having her in the next room when she was very small (she moves around a lot and the covers are all off). Lately though she's been crying around 3-4am and ends up between us so we just bought a king bed (we have a queen) as we are really needing the room. The plan is to put the queen bed in Clara's room so if she gets up in the middle of the night Dad can go there and cuddle with her. I'll put the pack n play next to our bed and use the bassinet feature for the new baby for the first 6 months. I think by the time this one is 6 months Clara can go to a big girl bed and we can put the baby in her crib.

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DS will stay in the pack n play bassinet in our room for about 3 months. When it's time for me to go back to work, we'll transition him to his crib in the nursery.

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She is going to sleep in a bassinet attachment to a pack-n-play in our room for at least the first 6 months, then moved into her own room when she's ready after that. We're hoping that dd will be ready for her toddler bed by that point (she will be 2), and then we can just move this one into the crib, otherwise we'll need to get a new crib at that point.

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We are going to try and get DS2 moved from the crib to a todler bed when we move. If that does not go well we will just put the baby in the p&p until he is out of the crib.

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My plan is to have the baby in a bassinett in our room at the beginning. Since this is our first I am not sure how it will all actually play out.

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LO will be in a bassinet in our room for a few months (~3-4) and then we will be transitioning him to his crib at nights.

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This LO will be in a bassinet in our room for about 3-4mo. Then a crib in her own room. We did the same with DS.

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We plan on using the crib in the room right next to ours. The rooms are literally about four feet apart. We'll use a monitor. I haven't decided what kind, but was airing on the side of the super paranoid Mom monitor. Smile

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In our bed.

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We have a pack n play with a napper attached to it that he will sleep in next to the bed. Might try co sleeping as well since that is what I did with DS. We havn't gotten a crib yet and might not do his room until next spring since DS room with be his and I am not ready to move DS upstairs yet. it's all up in the air right now, but I would like Lo to stay close for now.

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I don't know! I think it makes sense to have her in the room with us, but there is not much space for any sort of crib. The room we are planning to have as her nursery is down the hall, so I'm not sure.