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Tuesday QOTD

Are you having any birth anxieties? What are they?

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My anxieties aren't specifically birth related. I'm having a repeat C-sect so I'm good with that. My only concern regarding the birth is the recovery period. Last time my heart rate went all crazy. I'm hoping since this won't be an emergency C-sect my body will respond better.

My true anxiety lies with DD. She has never spent the night without me. I feel like she would respond decent with DH but then I will be all alone at the hospital (post C-sect... with a newborn rooming in). Such a dilemma for me. I will probably end up posting another thread about this issue.

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Part of me is thinking I'm truly crazy to be planning on doing this med-free, but then I realize that I did an induction with only 3 shots of fentanyl, the last one was literaly as I delivered her head, NO ONE thought that I was anywhere close to delivering. My only real concern that I have been dreaming about is actually delivering in triage instead of an L&D bed.

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Pain lol I know I can do it pain free I did last time. But it still scares me. Having him at home you are limited to gas and air, last time as it was so quick the midwives got here approx 20mins before she was born. So literally no time for anything lol

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I'm pretty calm about it right now, but if I allow myself to think about it then yep I'm feeling a bit anxious :). I do not want another C/S! The recovery was easy and everything but I want to be in and out as quickly as possible. Because where my real anxiety comes from is being away from my kids!

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I am a total ball of anxiety. I'm anxious about being away from DD. I'm anxious about how my relationship with DD will change. I am worried about whether she should continue to go to daycare or not. I'm anxious that I'll deliver in the car on the way to the hospital instead of at the hospital. I'm worried that if we make it to the hospital, I won't get an epidural. I'm really stressed about the in laws coming and wanting to BE here. There's more, but I don't really want to work myself up just typing this post.

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Mine is a really silly one...that I'll be too damn hot! I hate being hot, I hate feeling like my skin can't breathe and I'm trapped. I dont recall how the temperature was during my previous labors, but I have been so hot the past 2 days here at home, and its driving me nuts!

I am not too concerned about anything else. Hoping I don't have 4th degree tears again, but I know what happens will happen and I can handle in.

Actually, one other thing, since we live on an island, limited ferry service (no ferry from 1am-6am) I do not want to go into labor during the night. You can always get a ferry open, but I think you pay $100 and then our por kids have to be dragged out of bed to the hospital where my inlaws would pick them up.
The other scenerio is this....I go into labor during the day while they are in school, I'll have to pick them up and bring them to the hospital (me driving in labor) and they"ll have to wait till inlaws can come get them, and dh can get there from work fast enough (he sometimes is over an hour away)

I plan on having a friend "on call" in case I can't drive myself, and then they could drive me and the kids.

I also dont want the kids sleeping away from home, and I know thats silly, but thats just me. If this were a perfect world, I would have the baby before 10am, then dh and kids could be home for the night.

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The one thing I could be anxious about but again am living in denial. Is if I have to go into hospital. I have no, zero, zilch plans put in place for the girls. This is why I am not going lol it is not happeneing, everything will be fine for me to stay at home. Really it is not an option lol (well at least in my eyes, if only we lived in that world) In all seriousness I could be and probably should be anxious about this but refuse to be lol

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I have a couple of anxieties, but one that makes me nervous the most is probably silly. LOL! Since we are going to have a birth photographer and she said that she comes when I'm dilated to 5 cm, I'm nervous she won't make it in time. The other thing I'm nervous about is that the hospital staff will not go by my birth plan. I know unexpected things will happen, but I'm just worried about the smaller things. Like I don't want to be hooked to an IV unless absolutely necessary. I just don't want to come off as a difficult patient. That has always been a problem of mine, I worry about what others think of me....even when I'm in labor. LOL!

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A few for me Smile

1. It's looking like we will be moving to TN before baby comes so I'll be delivering without 'my' doctor and I'll also be delivering at a hospital where I have no real ties (my SIL is a labor and delivery nurse at my hospital in Alabama and she was my nurse with DD at the end of my l&d). I'm nervous about all kinds of aspects there... main concerns regarding the epidural- will they make me wait till I'm 4 cm dilated (my AL hospital didn't) and will they have the patient-controlled-pump with the epidural (my AL hospital did and I LOOOVED it).

2. How is DD going to do with all of this? Since we're going to TN, she'll go to a friend's house for a while until either mine or DH's parents can get there, and then she'll stay at our house with some of her grandparents. I hope that goes smoothly.

3. Will this labor and delivery go as smoothly as my last? I feel like I got super lucky last time and I'm worried that my luck won't carry over lol

4. I'm about 99% sure that he's either breech or transverse right now and the farther along I get the more worried that makes me. I'd opt for a c-section in either case and that is something that I do NOOOOT want if I don't absolutely have to have one.

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Ummm, I am nervous about it all. Being my first I have no idea what to expect. I start to freak out a little when I think about it. I think my biggest fear is that I really have no control. I have to listen to my body and do what it needs/wants.

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Other than the fact that I have an empty room and pretty much nothing bought for the baby yet, I'm doing ok. As far as actual labor issues I'm only anxious about DH being on the combine somewhere and the logistics of him getting to me. They have fields just minutes away from where I'll deliver but also fields over an hour away...plus my hospital is 40 miles from me. So logistics is a big deal with a 4 1/2 year old and "harvest widow" status during the time Kessler's due. My parents plan to fly in, so hoping all goes like Abby's birth and I'm induced on my due date with no contraction scares prior....one can hope right?

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I think I am just anxious for the birth and to meet this LO but I am trying to be happy being pregnant, because I know I will miss it once he is here. I think everything will go well so I am not to worried about this.

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I'm doing ok, the only thing getting to me is having a 3rd C-section and Not knowing what this little baby is :} We have always found out what the gender is but DH wanted this one to be a surprise and it's KILLING me not knowing if it's a boy or girl. This is our last baby and thus the reason for DH wanting a surprise. I've bought 2 outfits one boy and one girl but that's it. I've been saving like crazy so when little one gets here I can buy the right clothes and things.

Having a 3rd C-section is getting to me but at the same time I'm ok with it because I wont have to wonder when baby will be here. October 14 is on the schedule for his/her arrival.

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I am only having the first time mom worries about what it will actually be like. I think all will be ok. We are working to prepare ourselves, but I am worried that things won't go as planned.