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Tuesday QOTD

Were you TTC this LO? Or was this LO a surprise? Or somewhere in between? If you were TTC, how long?

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We weren't TTC but on the conception day we decided to TTC. So we hit it with one try... So different from last time when it took 2+ years. DD & DS have the same conception date two years apart. Smile

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I feel guilty talking about it because I know so many people have it hard, but DH and I conceive very easily. The first two times I ovulated after I got married were Christian and Grace lol. We were going to "TTC" in feb but one night things got carried away and DH decided he'd just pull out (tmi lol) and here we are :).

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We were ttc. Actually caught the first fertile cycle after dd.

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We must be a fertile bunch here. I am the same way this is my 4th pg (one mc) and we got it on the first shot. As this time I am over 35 I had convinced myself it would take a long time and a lot of trying. Nope one try DH was gutted he didn't get to try more lol

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We tried for 9 months this time which seemed like a long time because with DS1 we were planning to start but didnt actually try the month we conceived and got pg the second month trying for DS2. 9 months seemed like forever this time and we almost gave up thinking that it just wasnt meant to be. Thank goodness we were wrong!

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This one was a complete and utter surprise...... we had gone for holiday to thailand to celebrate our adopted DD . Being ttc for 7 years and no success we got DD home last year May.... she got us so much joy and happiness and ofcourse this miracle pregnancy too!!

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We were TTC for a bit over 6 months, but for fewer cycles than 6. My body runs long cycles! It felt like forever!!

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I was breastfeeding Clara and conceived on the first cycle I ovulated which was 10 months after she was born (they say on average cycles return 9-10 months after birth with breastfeeding). I lost a fallopian tube in 2005 and was told I'd probably never have kids again... big surprise!!

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We weren't preventing for a while but not necessarily trying and then we were using condoms for a couple months because of the timing for my brother's wedding and I didn't want to miss it just in case and then in January I told DH well if you knock me up this month you'll never have to use condoms again - apparently that was the motivation he needed! HA but it wasn't even "trying" it was definitely just good timing.

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We weren't trying either. We must be super fertile under "normal" conditions. I had one PP AF and we only DTD once. I was loosely charting and had a good idea about 2 days afterwards that it was possible though. My second DD took me 6 cycles and a little longer than 6 months of REALLY trying plus 5 months before that of us wanting to try without a PP AF but DD1 was just nursing too much.

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We were TTC and it took only 3 months. The reason why we decided to have another baby is actually a sweet story.

When my niece passed away, I had thought about never having another child just out of fear. Before that I had been begging DH for another baby for over a year and he didn't want anymore. Well we buried my niece on our 6 year wedding anniversary and we had cancelled our anniversary trip. The day after we buried her, DH surprised me with a night out to a very romantic hotel to get my mind off things and over dinner he told me that after everything that happened, he decided that life was too short and that he would love to have another baby with me. I made an appointment the next Monday to get my IUD removed! Then when I got pregnant, we were all shocked to learn that my due date is the 1 year anniversary since my niece passed away. The whole family including my sister believes that my niece picked out Sophia specifically for us and she's a gift from heaven. Smile

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I had a horrible m/c last year and it took over 6 months for my body to recover. I had a horrible Dr. and eventually found a new Dr. that fixed me right up! After meeting this Dr. we TTC "our way" for 3 months, no luck. Then the Dr. intervened and with some progesterone shots, ovulation kits, planned DTD no luck after another 3 months. We were getting pretty devastated that things weren't coming as easily. We had one last month to try the Dr's way before going on to the next "talk" and all the labs were coming back with poor progesterone results. We went to Vegas, decided that we weren't going to have a baby this month and just relaxed. That month it happened! Even though the labs showed a baby was very unlikely due to low progesterone. I see it as a miracle. We were prepared for the IVF talk or adoption process. It's amazing how if I let down some of my control issues things fall into place Smile So overall, we have been waiting since August 2009 for a baby to bring home.

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It was kind of ironic. I was in the middle of signing the paperwork and consulting with my OBGYN about a tubal when I found out I was pregnant. OOPS lol!

After everything, I never wanted to be pregnant again. I have PCOS and some other issues and after multiple losses... it just isn't worth it anymore, so I decided to get my tubes tied.

So much for taking charge of my own fertility Blum 3

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Both times were a surprise. We were going to TTC come this August or Sept so that we end up with a May-June baby (DH is a teacher and it's nice when he's able to be home more during the summer) but we had a pleasant early surprise in February instead!

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Definitey a suprise here, but a very welcomed one. I was on the nuva ring for about 6 months and I guess the one I used over Christmas when we took out family cruise didn't work cause I found out I was pregnant shortly after we got back. We were planning on having kids just not so soon. We wanted to get married this year, and then start having kids right away, so we wern't to far off. We are already planning the next one!!!

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We were trying. I feel guilty as well talking about it, but I have had it easy getting pg. Both times we tried once, and got a baby. I must be super fertile (DH likes to think its him). But I honestly think I am meant to be a mom. Its the only thing in my life I have ever wanted to do...its the only thing I ever knew I wanted to do with my life. For me, I think it's just meant to be.

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We had been trying for about a year. I had my IUD taken out in Feb but AF didn't return til about July. By December DH and I just decided to stop trying so hard and by January we were pregnant! With DS, we weren't trying but we weren't preventing either! So I suppose both were pleasant surprises!!

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DEFINITELY NOT TRYING here........Single momma to 5.....the ONE AND ONLY time baby daddy and I didn't use anything I ended up pregnant.

I to am obviously super fertile...My EX and I tried for almost 2 yrs to get preg the first time. I have NEVER had regular cycles so this madeit extremely difficult to chart or anything. We had even started testing BUT we were stationed in Germnay and a month before his SA he got orders to deploy to Bosnia. Soon after he got back we were surprised with twins......I had one "regular" AF tthen nothing ( I thought I was going back to MY normal). Anyway I found out when they were 6 months old that I was already almost 5 months preggo. Cam was due 9 days BEFORE their first Bday.
I found out I was preggo with DD 2 weeks after he deployed to Iraq in 03 and then we got preggo with Cole the DAY he got homw from a deployment to Iraq in Feb 07...

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Yep, we were TTC Smile

I got my IUD out in October. Didn't try between October and my November cycle. No success November-December cycle, got pregnant on the December-January cycle Biggrin

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TTC for 4 months, but not taking temps, just trying to monitor my cycle.

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We were ttc. We became pg the first cycle trying but it ended in a m/c at 5 weeks. Just 3 weeks later I was pg again, got my bfp on valentines day.

We conceived the first try for all our children, we just have a really good system I guess!

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We were TRYING. It took about 16 cycles to concieve with the help of an RE. This is our blessing. Smile