Tuesday QOTD

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Tuesday QOTD

What's left on your To Do list? Are you completely organized & ready or procrastinating & in denial?

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A million things!

But really... when does everything ever really get done? We wouldn't be moms if we didn't always need to do something, right?

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Somewhere in the middle and not having a house doesn't help lol

We move in this weekend and I'll get the nursery semi-set up, so we'll see how much I *actually* still need to get done then.

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There's a lot of stuff left on my to do list.. I'll list a bit of it below!

1. Get bassinet set up and in place
2. Pack hospital bag
3. Finish cleaning certain parts of the house that I will not have energy to clean when this LO is here
4. Buy some last minute needed items if not received at a shower..

ETC! Yikes!

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Pretty much everything!
Paint nursery, sew bedding, buy almost everything, pack hospital bed, etc...

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nope, nothing done. I'll start really getting stuff together/worrying around the first of October.

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I pretty much haven't even touched my to do list!

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Ugh...TOO MUCH! Thinking about it stresses me out! Trying to tackle small things at a time that I can handle...

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I haven't made a to do list to even start...crap.

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We have the basics down, although I still need to put bassinet together. We went ahead and did everything we could this weekend in case she comes early. Last week we were kind of freaking out because we had nothing and we were told she may come early (although she would probably spend a few days in the nicu)

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I was just thinking about this today! Some things that are on my to-do list are kinda a want not a need. Like buying new sheets for the guest room and vaccuming it. I would like to get my nails redone and maybe a pedicure before he comes, but not really to worried about it. I think I have everything ready and set up for this LO. Just little things like training a girl for my maternity leave and that's about it! Yay!!!

I think you have to leave some things undone or until last minute because I couldn't imagine sitting around waiting for my LO to arrive, I'm already impatient enough!!!

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Well, I just finished sorting all of Annabelle's clothes by size, and need to wash the nb and 0-3 months. Move the pack-n-play up to our bedroom and set up the newborn napper in it. Pack the hospital bag. Install the carseat (although this is actually on dh's list after she's here). Everything else can wait.

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Other than waiting for the crib to come in, I have nothing left to do! Thankfully, I finished everything before I was put on bedrest or I would be screwed!

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I'm somewhere in the middle. Thereare things I'd like to get done, like reorganize the hall closet and the kitchen, but I don't have anything that absolutely has to be done before baby arrives. If we brought him home today it'd be fine. We have the carseat, clothes and a crib with a brand-new mattress :). The rest is details IMO.