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Tuesday QOTD

Do you plan on being active on this board for mommy advice, etc. after your LO is here?

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Yes. Last time I didn't pop back on very fast & I think I really missed out on helpful advice. I can't wait to see how we tweak our board over the coming weeks as more LOs arrive. I really hope we can keep our group going strong. Smile I would definitely miss everyone.

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Yes! I still frequent DD's board even though there are about 7 of us that still check it.

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Yes I plan to. I stayed on DD's birth board for quite some time. It "split" twice though over really stupid stuff. We had a lot of young, immature girls (no offense to any other young moms here - not grouping all young moms in that category) I hope everyone here is able to respect each other's parenting styles when our LO's arrive. Smile

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Yes! I think the first year is when you need the most advice and support.

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Yes, I plan on it. I am sure I will have a million questions!

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Hopefully! I know things get crazy though! I'm still active with DS #1s board not #2's though ...

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Yeppers.....I still talk to ALOT of the girls from Coles BB and even a few from Cheyann's and shes almost 8.

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Yes! Ive missed a lot of what has gone on already bc I didnt have a comp and it was just too hard to post all that I wanted to on my Iphone. But we r back in action and I cant wait to talk about our LOs together Smile

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I hope to, but I know life gets super busy...I bet even more so with 2 LOs! I still talk to my June 09 board. More so on facebook, but I always check in there.

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I hope so. Any adult interaction is a life saver. It's also nice to know there are other Mamma's out there going through the same stuff. Besides I want to get to know you're babes b/c we've waited so long to meet them. It's fun to watch babies grow.

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I usually go through phases of more active participation and then periods where I'm not really here much. I still enjoy my 3rd dd's board quite a bit, although, I must admit at this point I am only an occasional poster. I know everyone there well enough, that I don't feel weird about it though. For some reason I never really felt the same connection with the women on my 4th dd's board. They are all great women, but after the birth I went through a period where I didn't post much, and now posting there feels weird to me. I'm sure I'll post occasionally here after the birth, but I'm not sure what will happen long term.

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I am really happy with how wonderful everyone here has been. I still talk to and occassionally meet up with the Moms from my DS1's BB. There are about 30 of us that are still really active and they are my rock. We talk about everything though, not just pg and babies. After almost 5 years of talking to them they are true friends and I really depend on them. DS2's BB didnt really gel like ours has. I am sure things will get super busy and I wont be around much but I will be around, lurking if nothing else. Every baby is different so even though I am a btdt Mom and will be able to offer some advice there is always something new to experience/figure out with a different child. Motherhood is never boring or simple and is ever changing, you need other strong women to stand by you! You betcha, I am in for the long haul.(can ya tell I am feeling sappy and emotional today?)

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Yes, it will be a little hard while on my maternity leave, but once I'm back at work, it will be easier since I'm always in front of a computer at work.

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I'm planning on it. I was part of a BB from another site (I can't remember which one it was) and once we all had our babies all activity on the board slowed down. I remember though that there were hundreds of us on that board and you always seemed to get lost in the crowd. I love that it's a smaller group here and we all get to know one another! Smile

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I plan on it. I joined a few weeks after dd was born, and found a group who was wonderfully supportive. That group has really slowed down, but the biggest loser group is still active and supportive.

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I love this BB! I hope we all stick around, I certainly plan on it :). DS's BB was full of drama and it died around the time of the '08 mass exodus :rolleyes:, there are still a few ladies (myself included) who drop in occasionally. DD's BB never seemed to gel and it's pretty dead too, no drama or anything, just not much posting. I feel like this board is closer though and we haven't had any drama *knock on wood* so I'm hoping it stays together! Now we just need mods!

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I will say that it's nice that there aren't quite as many here as there was on DD's BB. Funny that Karen mentioned 08 mass exodus. I guess I never realized it was site wide, but that's probably about when my Dec 06 board went crazy with drama and split off to other sites.
I LOVE this group! Reality is that it will slow down compared to now, but I do hope everyone still feels comfortable to post even if you do take a hiatus for a while.

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I hope so! Not sure how easy that will be with a newborn and a 3 year old tho lol My DD's bb relocated to places unnamed, and I post there with them and we are super super close. Our kids all just turned 3 and we still all chat at least daily, for the most part.