U/S results

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U/S results

Had my ultrasound this morning, and it's a beautiful, healthy GIRL!

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Yay!! Congrats on your baby girl! She looks adorable! Smile

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:woohoo: congrats on another girl! Very cute U/S pic!

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Congratulations, your DD will love having a little sister Smile

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yahoo!!! congrats!

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Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!!

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How exciting!!! We get to add another girl to the Pumpkin Pies!!!! It's about time the girls started catching up! Congrats!!!!!!!

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Congrats!!! I am sooo looking forward to tomorrow!

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YAY Congrats!!!

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Congrats, lady!!! :bigarmhug: I'm so excited for you and Annabelle!! And she's as adorable as her big sis already!! Biggrin :D

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Yay congrats!!!

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Congrats on your princess!!! Sweet sisters!

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:woohoo: so happy for such a cute healthy baby! and yay on another girl! congrats dana!!!

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Congratulations on your little girl! Biggrin

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How cute... Congrats!

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So so so happy for you :bighug: those girls are going to be so close, congrats!

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Oh how fun to have 2 girls close in age - they'll be best friends!!