u/s tomorrow

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u/s tomorrow

and my DS 3rd Birthday!!! Yahoo

We are hoping for a healthy baby boy since we never had an other tests or scans done until now.
I was wanting to bring DS since it's his Birthday and I thought he would like seeing the baby, but when I called the OB office they were kinda rude about me bringing him, so I'm not sure if I should since it is an important scan and it's not for our enjoyment, but I was really looking forward to it.
I'm planning on getting a 30 week elective u/s done so maybe I should just take him to that one, but I am still disappointed I can't spend the morning with him on his Birthday.

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Sorry they were rude to you, but it sounds like it will be a good day for you anyway. Sending you lots of healthy baby vibes.

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That sucks that they rude about you wanting to take him. We took DS with us and he really could have cared less. I guess girls would appreciate it more. Smile Hope you have a great scan tomorrow!!

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well that's exciting that you have your u/s tomorrow. Honestly my dr.'s office won't have a choice if my dd comes with or not. I live 20 hours away from family and there's no reason why she wouldn't be allowed in the room with me. I'm quite protective too and there's no way I'd leave her in the waiting room. I'd still bring your DS if it means that much to you...but that's just me. LOL. Good luck tomorrow!

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I think you should still bring him. I know that he will enjoy it. Julian did when I was pregnant with Logan. I have brought Logan to my apt and scan and they have not said anything about it. What can they say since it is not like the Dr office provides day care. He usually sits in the stroller and plays with some toys.

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I'd take him. Good luck at your ultrasound tomorrow!

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The tech today asked me why I DIDN'T have any of my kids with me...lol. We are going to do a 3D/4D next month and ALL the kids are going...

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My place won't let kids in at all. When I had the big U/S for DD I brought DS who had just turned 1 and my mom (DH had to work) and they wouldn't let DS in. They said if I couldn't leave him outside I couldn't have it done. It was "policy" because kids can be distracting to the techs who need to take precise measurements, I was so mad I cried. She felt bad but said she didn't want to get fired :(.

I hope your place is nicer than mine! And I hope your DS has an awesome bday! 3 is such a great age!

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Good luck, here you cannot take any kids with you at all and only one adult. There is no bending the rules. If you show up with your kid and DH then DH has to stay outside with the kid. If you showed up on your own with your kid then you either have to leave them in the waiting room alone or they will not do it. Due to this we had the elective 3/4d last time so we could take DD who was 6. She though it was cool for about 5mins then lost interest lol
Hope he has a great birthday Smile

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goodluck with the u/s... n a very happy birthday ...

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Good Luck!!