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So I noticed this am that my ankles/feet are super swollen. To the point that even my toes hurt while I'm standing/walking. My wrists feel like they are swelling also and my vision is a bit wonky. I did take my BP with my moms cuff and it was 109/ I don't think thats it.

I hope things don't get worse because my mom and brother are leaving in about 30 minutes to go to Bossier City LA until Mon afternoon.......

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Oh that sounds miserable! Keep an eye on it & KUP! Laying on your left side is supposed to be good for circulation I think.

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Drinking lots of water (which seems backwards) and putting my feet up has really helped with the swelling. I'm not sure how much of an option that is for you with all of your football players. Take care and KUP!

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I hope you feel better! KUP on how you're doing!

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Hope the swelling has gone down today!